Exciting News and an exciting FREE opportunity

The absolute exciting opportunity is: My publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, and editor, Debby Gilbert is offering Raven award winning and RONE First Runner up Fearless Destiny  free for download from Amazon from Nov. 6-10, 2017. If you haven’t had an opportunity to purchase, now is your chance or gift to friends. Please share and help make Fearless Destiny a bestseller.

This is the announcement of Fearless Destiny winner as First Runner Up of Contemporary Sweet at the RONE awards ceremony and gala on October 14, at the Burbank Marriott Hotel in conjunction with the InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival.

Thank you to RJ Frankhouser who is also a runner up in the RONE for video taping this for me. I was away in Italy at the time and there wasn’t a way I could return. Although I wish I could have.

My badge and certificate arrived.

And a big, heartfelt

From the bottom of my heart to everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs and my stories.


Fearless Destiny makes its debut today


Let the celebration begin

Let the celebration begin

This morning I received an email from Debby Gilbert the publisher and my editor at Soul Mate Publishing

“Good Morning,
Happy Launch Day! Your book is now available on Amazon. 🙂
Enjoy your day!”
One well placed 'No' changsd Tiffany's life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

One well placed ‘No’ changsd Tiffany’s life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

I knew today was coming but it sneaked up on me anyway. I think it is one of those things like the Christmas parcel under the tree, you’ve shaken it, you’ve measured it, you’ve dreamed of what it might be but afraid to hope too much. But when I unwrapped Fearless Destiny it was a lovely all day affair.


At the end of today, I want to say

From the bottom of my heart.

From the bottom of my heart.

To everyone who has made this day special with their purchases and congratulations for a wonderful release day.



I’m off to New York to the Romance Writers Conference

New York City RWA 2015

I have decided that this year, I will attend more craft workshops and a few marketing. There seems to be a focus on self-publishing. I can learn from some of the methods used by self-published authors because all authors need to promote themselves to be noticed. There is also a focus on audio books. I would like to learn how to have Woman of Substance and Moving On as audio books.

I will post here everyday with pictures and a line or two.

I’m packed except for the jars and potions.

Monday, 9:30 pm. Time to be in bed. I need to be up at 3:00 am to go to the airport at 4:00.

Conference attendees are always in need of sustenance.

Conference attendees are always in need of sustenance.

We are preaching to the choir with swag at the Romance Writers of America conference because it is attended by writers, agents, editors and publishers. But they are also readers.

I tried a glue stick to attach my business cards, or book cover cards to packages of gum, tea and fruit snacks. But my glue stick was old. I used glue dots, double sided mounting tape and finally the little grey cells in my brain, suggested the large roll of double sided tape in my desk drawer. It worked slick.

I’m ready to  enjoy the adventure.

Checked in for flight and seats chosen.

Checked into hotel and entered to win points.

Now time to go to sleep.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 I’m in New York.

And we are required to be at the airport two hours before boarding.

And we are required to be at the airport two hours before boarding.


On the tarmac in Toronto on the way to New York

On the tarmac in Toronto on the way to New York

Too many planes and not enough gates at La Guardia Airport. Then an hour and a half in traffic. We had a fabulous shuttle driver and there were other writers to share the ride.

The view from my room and those are people down there. I shopped at 11:00 pm.

The view from my room and those are people down there. I shopped at 11:00 pm.

Met up with three Soul Mate Authors, we went out to Juniors for appies and dessert and beer and a walk around time square.

And now it is time for bed.

Tomorrow is another big day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The day started slowly with coffee in my room. I gathered a third of my swag for the Goodie Room. One of my Soul Mate authors told me that a play I wanted to see Kinky Boots tickets were on sale for 1/2 price but I needed to go and line up now.

In line with a coffee hopeful I would score a ticket. I did.

In line with a coffee hopeful I would score a ticket. I did.

Went for a walk to make sure I knew how to find the theatre.

The theatre was a block and 1/2 from the hotel. The conscierge showed me the sign above his desk that pointed to 45th Street and 46 th street.

The theatre was a block and 1/2 from the hotel. The conscierge showed me the sign above his desk that pointed to 45th Street and 46 th street.

Kinky Boots was terriffic with the theme that we need to be true to ourselves. Good message for me as a romance writer. I raced back to the hotel to fulfill my committment of volunteering at the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing.  

“In 2014, Romance Writers of America raised more than $53,000 to benefit literacy organizations. Since 1990, RWA has raised more than $878,000 to fight illiteracy.”

The line up of readers was phenomenal. IMG_0420

After I had taken photos of writers and readers, brought water to thirsty writers, I met with writers I have only met online. Lovely to put a face to these writers. Now it is time for zzzzzz.


Okay I’m a bit late in filling in the rest of the story.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I meant to get up for the 6:30 am to do morning Pilates but of course I’m more thought than action in the morning.

My first event was the fabulous Breakfast Buffet. When you arrive as I did just before 8:30 am, in time to put a few things on a plate and find a many open chairs right in front of the stage.

Barbara Freethy .

Barbara Freethy a number one New York Times best-selling author.

Barbara Freethy a number one New York Times best-selling author.

Traditionally published but had to keep reinventing herself. She joined the e publishing and named Amazon KDP Bestselling author of all time. She also sold 1.5 million books on Barnes and Noble. Now she is launching into physical distribution through a venture with Ingram Publisher services under her new print imprint Hyde Street Press.

We received a copy of her first book, On a night like this as a gift.


Barbara Freethy's first print book with Ingram Publishers

Barbara Freethy’s first print book with Ingram Publisher Services








Barbara gave the audience incentive to continue exploring rather than giving up but exploring different avenues of publishing to have our stories told.

I started at the Pro Retreat.

I started with the pros and cons of publishing with a small publisher. However, I found that with my experience through my short stories as well as XoXo Publishing and Soul Mate Publishing that I was comfortable in the advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages for me as a Canadian publishing with Soul Mate Publishing is accomplishing distribution for my print books in Canada. I have to work on this.

The next workshop I went to was Subtext: Not Just Another Buzzword by Sherry Thomas Sherry told us that readers like to be grounded but that subtext is that really interesting information that happens below the surface. It is subtle but planned.

When you read the link, you will note that she uses rich language.


My last workshop of the day was: Conquering High Concept by May Chen, Harper Collins Editor, Sophie Jordan, and Sarah MacLean best-selling authors.

This was another craft workshop. I attempt not to go to workshops with too many speakers. I broke my rule.

I came away with this summary: 1. Risk is inherent. 2. Whatever you write should excite you the writer. 3. The idea immediately paints a picture. “Nobody’s baby but mine.” “Friends to lovers.” That idea is what I write. Hey, I can feel a pitch coming on.

Many Soul Mate authors met and walked over to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. In 2013, Debby Gilbert, publisher and senior editor (and editor of Woman of Substance and novel number 3 to be released in 2016) went out for dinner during the RWA. Each author paid for their own meal. Debby said then she wished she could pay. I’m not sure what she did last year, but this year she bought us dinner. It indicates the growth of Soul Mate Publishing. Thank you Debby.

After dinner some Soul Mate Authors went on The Ride.

Ready to board the bus for The Ride

Ready to board the bus for The Ride









We were entertained by two professionals entertainers and the bus stopped along the way to treat us to street entertainers as well. At the end of the evening we sang.


Then it was time for more zzzzz. As it is now. To be continued.

PS: My swag basket was emptied twice before the end of Wednesday. I carried the rest of my goodies with me and passed them out at workshops.

Friday, July 24, 2015.

I made it down for breakfast again and again there was plenty of room at tables at the front of the room.

This morning Julia Quinn was the main speaker. To summarize a wonderful keynote to start off our day, she said, “You can’t please everyone.” And what writers should do, “Write the book from your heart.”  Great advice from a #1 New York Times Bestselling Romance Author who had in the United States alone, over 10 million copies of her books in print. She knows of what she speaks.

My first workshop of the day was facilitated by Joanna Bourne and Grace Burrowes.  The title of their craft workshop was: Ten Tweaks to Perk Up Your Prose: Learn the top ten tips for making good prose better and great prose unforgettable.

To be continued.






Spring arrives tomorrow and so does getting ready for a brand new exciting event.

Beginning Friday, March 27 at 00:01 to Sunday, March 29, 24:00, I will be participating in a Spring For Love Blog Hop with twenty-six fellow Soul Mate Published authors.

There will be authors and books you may not have discovered and some you may have but now wish to purchase their new books.

There will be different levels of heat in the books which will be featured throughout the blog hop.

Mild – Sweet or Inspirational

The group of authors I will be promoting on my blog are contemporary with a mild heat category because that is what I write.

Darcy Flynn

Anne B Cole

Amanda L. V. Shalaby

Other authors who are part of the mild heat:

Camille Faye

Iris Wynne

Sarah Hoss

There will be Medium – heated exchanges and thoughts, bedroom insinuation but closed door.

Densie Webb

Dorlana Vann

Dale Ibitz

Jo Richardson

Hot – lots of passion and chemistry both physical and mental, open door sex, yet language and descriptions are tame.

Cynthia Gail

Layne Macadam

Kim Loraine

Christine Kirby

Linda O’Connor

Yolanda Ashton

Caroline Warfield

Dawn Ireland

Madelyn Hill

Rebecca E. Neely

Shehanna Morre

Carole Ann Moleti

Claire Gem

Sizzling – burning pages, rougher language, no holding back

RB Austin

Rose Lange



All authors and novels you will be able to connect to through the links which will appear shortly. .


There will be prizes. Stay tuned. Watch for this button.

Hope you'll join us.

Hope you’ll join us.


Rope jumping chick: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/1393976 

Gifts real and intended

Gifts real and intended

Gifts real and intended

Most of my gifts are wrapped. Most of my shopping is done. But very few cards have been sent. And I intend to write individual notes in each card to indicate that I care about friends and family. I have copied photos of my family to include in some cards. I have convinced myself that cards received after Christmas receive more attention because the recipient won’t be as busy. Or is it like a consolation prize?

I have reasons of course, don’t we all. I am on a time line trying to have novel number 3 ready to send out by the end of December. There are parties and family to visit. There is shopping and of course fitness to plan into a day, as well as short stories for submission to an anthology.

For instance today I finally completed my webpage for The Writers” Union of Canada. I submitted my application and fee in July while I was at the Sage Hill Writing Experience during the Fiction Colloquium lead by Lawrence Hill . He encouraged me to submit my application because Woman of Substance was in print.

From Dec. 17 – 23, The Romance Studio is having a Christmas Party, I will post throughout the party along with many other authors and different style of books. So drop on by, register and have chances to win many prizes, including copies of Woman of Substance and Moving On.

I also posed in front of our son’s Christmas tree and sang “we wish you a reading Christmas, we wish you a reading Christmas, we wish you a reading Christmas and a happy new year” for a fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Karin Shah. She is trying to put together a Christmas video Christmas card. One of the authors suggested giving us a key. Unfortunately, I don’t know one key from another. This is one of those hmmm, should I really have participated? I’m not sure if the project will come to fruition.


But most of all there are moments to reflect on life. The accomplishments, goals and improvements.


Now I am off to find batteries for a child’s toy.


Holiday Greetings and Christmas Wishes for you as you continue to prepare for your personal celebration this year.


photo courtesy of Mei Teng