Places I’m Published

Electronic Published Novels

Woman of Substance Dec. 2012

Moving On, A Prairie Romance Dec. 2011


Love, Loss and Other Oddities: Tales From SaskatchewanKitchen Love”, “Transition Power” Saskatchewan Romance Writers Nov. 2011

Inkspots:  A Collection of New Canadian Short Stories “Many Threads” Polar Expressions Publishing Nov. 2011

Close to Quitting Time: Work Anthology“Mercy” Ascent Aspirations published Spring 2011.

Below the Canopy “Exiled.”Polar Expressions Publishing Nov. 2009

Formation“Plain Speaking” Polar Expressions Publishing Dec. 2010

Listening With the Ear of the Heart “Alone Donna is Weak, Together with Mary She’s Strong”,  Ed. Dave Margoshes and Shelley Sopher.  St. Peter’s Press, 2003

Cup of Comfort Series:

“Mom and Gentle Bear.” Cup of Comfort Series for Mothers and Sons Anthology.  Ed. Colleen Sell. MA: Adams Media Corporation, 2005: 88-94

“Good to Go.” Cup of Comfort Series for Breast Cancer Survivors Anthology.  Ed. Colleen Sell. MA: Adams Media Corporation, Sept. 2008. 162-174

“The Romance of Ordinary Days.” Cup of Comfort Series for Couples Anthology. Ed. Colleen Sell. MA: Adams Media Corporation, Jan. 2011.

Canadian Stories Magazine 

“Bend and Grow” February 2006: “Kitchen Love” 2009 :

Woo Woo” 2009.

Flash The International Short-Short Story Magazine 

University of Chester, Chester, UK:

“Auditions” April 2009:

 “Wonder” April 2010

Green Magazine

“The Friends’ Way Spring 2003

In The Red Magazine, Liverpool UK:

“Drive-Bye.” May 2010

The Collective Consciousness

“Not a simple Matter of Sobbing” Spring 2009

the Society St. Peter’s College


It’s About Time” March 2008: “Mercy” March 2009:
“They Used to Put Pictures on Milk Cartons” March 2010:

 “When” March 2011.  
“Help” April 2012


Another Mae Day” Spring 2002:”Jack’s Request” Fall 2004; “Secret Sacrifice” Fall 2004: “Split Decision” Fall 2005:  “Project Love” Spring 2011

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