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Woman of Substance

Sharon Plumb Hamilton author of “Draco’s Child” target=”_blank”>http://books4kids.ca/?p=807” title=”Draco’s Child” target=”_blank”>Draco’s Child read Woman of Substance and said this:
“I really enjoyed your book! I like stories where the situation provides humour so the author can just carry on with writing the story as it would happen. You did a great job of creating memorable and true-to-life characters–I wasn’t stopped once by thinking that someone was behaving unrealistically. The premise was interesting too, and you gave me lots to think about regarding how overweight people are treated, especially women. Well done!”

Thank you Sharon.

http://www.longandshortreviews.com/?s=Woman+of+Substance 4 ½ star Reviewed by Poppy
With a depth I found surprising in a contemporary romance, Ms. Bower has created a beautiful love story as well and a lovely fiction novel about accepting others from the inside out.
Robbie is such a wonderful character. She’s loyal and determined and so willing to fight for what she thinks is right. She spars with her professor about her project: dressing as an obese woman. Her professor isn’t sold on the idea, but Robbie really thinks it’s the best way to prove her thesis for college. Her overweight friends help with insight, advice and clothing.
How could she know she’d meet a great guy while dressed in her costume?
Jake returns home to be with his grandfather, Frank, the man who raised him. Frank is a great character, so full of fun and life, despite his age. And Jake, for all his crankiness at the beginning, really loves his grandfather. He really becomes a man to admire as the book progresses.
Ms. Bower has such a talented way with words. I felt as if I knew each character in this book, as if I would know them if I passed them on the street. The affection between many of them was palpable, friends, family, lovers.
While the storyline itself may not be overly complex, it was thoroughly enjoyable, sweet and tugs at the heart-strings. If this type of character building and description is par for the course for this author, she’s won a permanent fan.
If you’re looking for a sweet story that is populated with characters you’ll feel are your friends before you turn the last page; if you love a romance between a couple that’s built on affection before sex and is believably deep and lasting, then I recommend “Woman of Substance”. It’s more than you might think.

On January 25, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars An Interesting Romance Worth Reading January 21, 2013 on Amazon: http://tinyrul.com/cmcc5me
By R. Barri Flowers

A thought-provoking contemporary romance that reminds me a lot of recent television movies, “To Be Fat Like Me” and “The Pregnancy Project.” Recommended for romance readers and anyone who wonders what it might be like to walk in someone else’s shoes and find the experience both educational and inspirational.
Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project
R. Barri Flowers
Bestselling Author

Woman of Substance by Annette Bower
Review by Mary Maxwell

The imagination and delightful sense of humour inherent in this novel makes the experience of reading Woman of Substance both enjoyable and informative. Bower displays insight and sensitivity into the world of large women who daily confront challenges of judgement, ridicule, and misunderstanding.

Author Annette Bower has created an interesting character in Robbie Mary Smith who disguises herself in a custom-made two-hundred pound fat suit to become Robin Smyth. As research for her Masters thesis, Robbie creates a secret identity, an alter-ego, named Robin, explores how to rent a suit, including a polyester torso, latex neck roll, apron belly, that allows the disguise, and sends herself out into the world to experience life as a woman of size. Robbie, the student, meets regularly with a group of such women, who agree to be part of the study. She consults with them on how to manage life as her transformed self. The dialogue is sharp, funny, and revealing. I loved these women.

What Robbie doesn’t expect is that, while conducting this study, she will fall in love. Robin meets Frank Proctor, a widower, when she falls down while in the fat suit, and is unable to get up; Robbie falls in love with his grandson, Jake a single, handsome academic who cares deeply for his granddad. The love story is a surprise both for Robbie/Robin and the reader and Bower handles its complications with tenderness and a lively sense of humour.

What makes this story stand out is that it’s entirely believable and fun to read. I was genuinely interested in the characters and wondered what would happen so it kept me turning the pages. I was glad to get back to the book, whenever I could.

Alison Lohans
Hi, Annette …. I’ve been reading Woman of Substance in bits of time here and there, and just finished this afternoon. What a lovely story! I totally admire all the ways you illustrate what love is truly about. Brava!!!!!
You are more than welcome, Annette!! You really got to the heart of love and its myriad ways of expression. I so appreciate the quieter, telling moments in addition to the tension that of course builds up in the genre. And yes, certainly you may use my comments! I’d be honoured.

Hi Annette!!!

So, “the girls” got together last evening and we all had finished reading your book. Annette, we all thoroughly enjoyed it!!! The story was so vivid to me….made me think about Regina, my parents, the years I spent doing research, so many things. Another one if my friends identified with the story as she has recently had a notable weight loss, and another of my friends just enjoyed the escape as she is currently is dealing with a sister who is very ill and simply enjoyed giving her brain relief from worry. Your book was a hit, Annette, and I wanted you to know how much the read was enjoyed.


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