Ahhh 2018, 100 days to reform habits.

A new year is here.

And with a new year, a return to writing. 

The Saskatchewan Romance Writers hold a writing challenge in the month of January where those who participate chime in and report their progress daily. I have not been great at this in the past, however, I need to form a writing habit again. It has been said that it takes 100 days to build a habit without being overwhelming. January has 31 days, I’ll be close to 1/3 of a way toward my goal and the completion of novel number 4.

I’m not exactly sure why I was on a sabbatical from writing, except that when writing I lose track of friends. Those real people in my life that give me feedback and stimulate my thoughts about life. When I’m writing or promoting I’m wrapped up in the make believe world. I needed to come out and be real again.

My next goal is exercise because when writing it demands many hours of sitting with fingers on the keyboard either writing or researching. Over the years I’ve collapsed vertebrae from sitting long periods of time. I can’t afford to do that again.

The doctor has recommended thirty minutes of walking each day and not at the speed you would walk a dog.

Finally, time for fun. 

About a block from my home, the City of Regina floods part of Victoria Park. Tonight I put on my skates and helmet and glided across the ice.

I will write a post about the significance of my orange.

And now it is good night because writing world begins very early tomorrow.

Exciting News and an exciting FREE opportunity

The absolute exciting opportunity is: My publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, and editor, Debby Gilbert is offering Raven award winning and RONE First Runner up Fearless Destiny  free for download from Amazon from Nov. 6-10, 2017. If you haven’t had an opportunity to purchase, now is your chance or gift to friends. Please share and help make Fearless Destiny a bestseller.

This is the announcement of Fearless Destiny winner as First Runner Up of Contemporary Sweet at the RONE awards ceremony and gala on October 14, at the Burbank Marriott Hotel in conjunction with the InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival.

Thank you to RJ Frankhouser who is also a runner up in the RONE for video taping this for me. I was away in Italy at the time and there wasn’t a way I could return. Although I wish I could have.

My badge and certificate arrived.

And a big, heartfelt

From the bottom of my heart to everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs and my stories.


I’m a featured author! I’m a featured author!

There is interesting news about food, beer and events happening at Bushwakker Brewpub in this newsletter. You can click on the picture above to read the newsletter and subscribe.

However, this is what I’d like you to read:

Featured Book at Bushwakker Brewpub Writers Corner.

“Our Bushwakker Writers Corner was launched in November 2016. It is a space dedicated to celebrating the recent works of Saskatchewan published authors. What will begin as one shelf will hopefully grow into a large library showcasing our province’s wordsmiths. Pub patrons are encouraged to peruse a copy whilst enjoying a pint. The books in the corner library will be available for patrons interested in reading works by local authors and the books are to remain in the brewpub.
One of our featured authors is Annette Bower. Annette Bower grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. She began her working career selling men’s underwear at the Army and Navy store, then went on to pump gas until she entered nurse’s training at the Regina Grey Nuns School of Nursing. She has worked in Regina, Ottawa, Halifax, Sioux Lookout, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Regina Beach. Annette enjoys writing short stories and novels. She gathers inspiration about women and men in love, searching for love, or lost without love, from her past and present. Her short stories are published in magazines and anthologies in Canada, United States and
in the UK. Woman of Substance, set in Regina and Lumsden, is her first novel. Her second novel, Moving On, is set in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan. Her third novel, Fearless Destiny, is set in Apex, Saskatchewan and is the winner of the Raven Award for Favourite Contemporary Novel. Her novels are published by Soul Mate Publishing, New York. She looks forward to reading to crowds or small groups.

Her featured book is titled Moving OnAnna Jenkins, a mysterious woman arrives in the resort town of Regina Beach, Saskatchewan as the heir to a cottage, even though there isn’t an obvious family connection. The residents of the town know everyone’s business and they are very keen on discovering Anna’s secrets. Anna meets Nick Donnelly with a secret of his own. As a soldier, the injuries he sustained in an IED explosion are greater than most people realize. During his rehabilitation, Nick and Anna become friends. Nick begins to dream of a life on the land with a family of his own. When Anna discovers that Nick plans to return to active duty, she puts the brakes on loving a man who might die because of his career. Nick must convince Anna they have a future to live for.”

Today I took the opportunity to drop into Bushwakker Brewpub and check out my poster on the wall and thank Grant Frew for the opportunity to be the featured author. 


The poster will be on the wall until the next featured author’s turn. Grant Frew hopes that many more Saskatchewan authors books will line the walls. Woman of Substance, Moving On and Fearless Destiny are there for patrons to peruse.

Grant Frew, Bushwakker’s bar manager and the man in charge of the Writers Corner.




This morning while I listened to the radio in bed I scanned my FB page, I read a heartening message.


Picture in your mind, if you can, the buzz of excited writers echoing in a lobby and carrying over into a sitting area and tall stools around a few tall tables. Excited voices ringing. It is a break from many workshops at the RWA 2017 conference. I’m with another Soul Mate author and two authors I’ve just met. Of course we are all checking our social media.

I see an email from my editor and publisher. I’m excited because I submitted my first three chapters of my fourth novel along with my synopsis.

Me: “Wait, I think I just have an acceptance for my new novel.” I quickly scan the email and it is not an acceptance. It isn’t quite a total rejection but . . . I am devastated and embarrassed.

Me to expectant faces: “No, it isn’t an acceptance, it isn’t a total rejection, she will consider a resubmission. She likes the premise.”

They stare down into their drinks. I put on a strong face. I continue through the conference. I see the Soul Mate author who was there when I blurted out my news, I meet up with the two new friends. I cry in my room. I blubber to my husband. I cry in a workshop when we are paired up and have to describe an embarrassing moment in our lives.

I come home and look at the manuscript occasionally.  I’m paralyzed. Do I want to revisit this manuscript? Almost a month has passed. I should be looking forward to rewrites.

This morning a friend on Facebook shared this link:

The Book He Wasn’t Supposed to Write

A best-selling author submits a draft to his editor. Hijinks ensue.

This is a writer’s response to his editor’s rejection. Please take time to read this article if you have received your rejection, if you are stuck, or if you are a reader wondering when the author’s next book will be published.

It’s time for me to look at my manuscript and rewrite and let the embarrassment go.

Wish me luck.

It isn’t luck, it is determination to tell the best story I can

But I’ll take a little luck along with BICFOKB (Bum in chair and fingers on keyboard)


Print copies of my books are only available through Amazon sellers rather than directly from Amazon.


Am I powerless when this is on my print copy purchase, See All Buying Options?


Recently, I updated my file for my novel, Woman of Substance. It had errors. Mostly words out of place or misspelled words. I hadn’t realized the number of errors until last fall a friend’s husband began to say something and she kicked him under the table.

I said, “What, tell me.”

He said, “They were surprised how the book was allowed to go to publication with the errors.”

This book was e published in 2012 around Christmas and then in print in 2013. The responsibility is ultimately with me, the author. I had the opportunity to re read the book and send in any corrections before it went to print. I did this but obviously not nearly enough.

I have and always will have both spelling and grammar challenges. These two necessary tools for a writer throw stumbling blocks across my path in every sentence I write.

I asked a reader to go through a print copy and mark errors. I submitted them to my publisher, Debby Gilbert at Soul Mate Publishing. Debby graciously agreed to correct my errors after all this time. I have received a corrected secure pdf from the publisher and the copy looks fantastic.

I had hoped that all of the readers who had purchased an e copy of Woman of Substance would receive a “push” notification of the changes. Alas, there are channels according to Amazon staff through which this may be possible but in reality not probable.

I can’t even order a new corrected e copy of Woman of Substance and pay for it again, because as  Amazon staff explained, the computer knows I own a copy and would send me the old file, regardless, unless the “push” happened.

I have print copies with these errors but I wanted to gift a clean copy to the reader who painstakingly went over the novel line by line and another to the couple who pointed out the errors.

I ordered Woman of Substance from Amazon.ca. I paid $24.38 for the print book including shipping. I anxiously awaited the arrival. Today it came in the mail all the way from the UK. It wasn’t sold by Amazon, but an Ingram distributor. It is in new condition and it isn’t the corrected copy. I’m so disappointed. Our son, a business man, pointed out that these sellers probably have old stock.


I checked Moving On and Fearless Destiny  alas they are only available in e copies directly from Amazon but  print copies are not available on Amazon except through a third party seller at various prices.

My publisher has confirmed I will receive royalties from the book I purchased. I’m glad. I was concerned that I actually had purchased a second hand book by error.

Print copies are available at Barnes and Noble:

Moving On

Fearless Destiny

And Chapters/Indigo.

Fearless Destiny

Moving On

I have ordered new copies from Soul Mate publishing of Woman of Substance. You can order a corrected print copy from me, if you like, in about two weeks.

Please check out my home page for more places to purchase my print books.