And 2022 is off to a strolling start

wine glasses in the window 2022My resolution is to write one blog post a month. I have been sadly remiss in keeping up on my site.

Of course, the question is does anyone still read blogs?  Now there are many different platforms to catch the few minutes readers have to scroll through the internet.

I will post my newsletter after it is released for readers who want to keep up this way rather than subscribe.

Looking forward to keeping my resolution.


Learning from YouTube

Tonight I spent time, possibly too much time, watching two programs on purchasing Amazon returns by the pallet.

One couple purchased a pallet of surprise boxes. They unbox and then sell the items either on FaceBook marketing or the local area platforms. They state they give their profits to a random commenter on their channel. They actually gave away $100 + dollars at the end of the show. They appear to do it for fun.

The next couple purchases these pallets from a liquidation place and they sell the items on Market Place, eBay and they have a flea market stall where they sell things of lesser value. They do this to earn a living in order to stay home with their child.

As I watched both programs, I now know what happens to my Amazon returns. Both couples stated that it is too costly for Amazon to re-shelf an item so they just sell it off in bulk.

I bought a children’s book which did not meet my expectations. I wanted to return it. Amazon told me to keep it. I ended up recycling it by putting it in a box with other books to donate for a fundraiser. Actually, this also happened with a kaftan I ordered for someone. They didn’t like the colour and the seller told me to keep it. Rather the person I ordered it for ended up keeping it. I believe she gifted it to someone.

Now when I look at either my local VarageSale or other purchasing platforms, I will have a new view of some of the items for sale. Nieve me always thought the items were from their personal life

Question of the day, have you returned something to Amazon and were told to keep it?

If I’m patient the body count goes up

The answer to yesterday’s question, not all of the fruit flies found their way out of the hole poked plastic wrap. Yes, it is true, a rotting pear core and apple cider vinegar are the fruit fly death addiction.

Today’s question.

Do I renew a magazine subscription for someone who was advised to have their things in order because death is inevitable?

The problem is that imminent death was certain two magazine subscriptions ago. Granted, the magazine renewal is for a year at a time.

Is the magazine holding off death, or was the impending death just an educated guess that threw worlds into a spin?

Time and fruit flies fly

Hello from the Saskatchewan Prairie during our autumn.

I have fruit flies in my house for the first time in my memory. But then again, during this pandemic, memory is shifty.

I Googled fruit flies and assumed they arrived on my overripe bananas. So I ate the bananas. But alas, the flies live.

This situation demands more research.

Fruit flies cannot resist rotting fruit or apple cider vinegar. However, a drop of dish soap will stop them from leaving.

Now and again, I check my trap. Then, finally, I rejoice at one body settled on the bottom of the open container.

Another suggestion is a container with fruit flies’ other addiction, rotting fruit, and apple cider vinegar covered with plastic wrap with holes poked into it.

Periodically, I lift the hole-poked plastic-wrapped container with the pear core submerged in the apple cider vinegar and wonder that more flies have not found their way to this delicacy. Or have they discovered the way in and the way out?

That is the question for my day.