And for a moment of fame

On this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I have much to be thankful for.


Click here to read the QC Leader article!

A bit of whimsy with the Saskatchewan flag


Click on the link above and read an article written by Ashley Martin in the QC which is a supplement of the A Leader-Post Publication, printed and distributed on October 08, 2020.

The last line that missed the scanner, is “just a slow burn.”

The title is: Author Offers Sweet Stories. Annette Bower writes non-traditional romance novels 

I was pleased and honoured to be contacted by Ashley Martin and asked if she could write an article about me. Of course, I said yes. We were going to meet in a socially distanced space but decided to have a phone conversation instead. She has quoted me in several places.

Someone suggested that I scan the article and put it on my blog to provide opportunities to those who do not receive the paper to read it.

Today, I went to Staples and did just that.

Thank you for reading about me and my writing journey.

Picture inside of me on my Townie Bike by Brandon Harder.

Picture above and picture on the front of the article by Sherry Shamblin


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Anyone need a hug? 
One question was? Are these your granddaughters? The answer is no. This is a stock photo my newsletter guru found. But they look so happy. The day will return when we can hug again, until then we need to remember these feelings.

When my children were young I used to hug them to fill up my hug well. My well is getting pretty dry. I can hug my husband and I’m one of the lucky ones to have someone in my household who will hold me and I can hold him back.

I write about hugs in Ponytails and Promises. During my life and my research I have come to realize that not everyone wants to have a stranger or even a friend or colleague cross over into their intimate space.

I’ve often thought of people who live alone and might be skin starved for touch. I believe that is why woman may go to the hair stylist often and join communities that do shake hands a lot, or at least used to before the pandemic.

I enjoy writing because it give me the opportunity to research about so very many different things.

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“Extra. Extra. Read all about it.” It was a call years ago before many households had radios and TVs were available. Newspaper publishers printed extra editions when exciting news-breaking events happened, and the men and boys sold those copies on corners.

It sounds like a simpler time, a perhaps more romantic time. Still, it was also a rough time for the newspaper boys, who were usually homeless and, according to research, had to purchase their papers before they sold them and could not afford any unsold copies.

Today, it takes permission and planning for a newsletter to reach inboxes. I thank you for those who have signed up and who open and read my news.

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2020 Uncaged Book Reviews RAVEN Awards Finalist

I needed your support and you gave it to me.

Ponytails and Promises, my story about being a woman who is also fourth generation farmer made it through the semi-finals and also the finals in the Contemporary category. I thank all the supporters who took the time to vote and vote again. The winners will be announced at during a live Facebook event with Uncaged Book Reviews the 2020 RAVEN Awards. There will be giveaways during the event. I invite you to pour a glass of your favourite beverage and join us.

Here are a few lines from some of the reviews on Amazon about Ponytails and Promises.

Ponytails and Promises takes you literally to the heart of the prairies. (Ryshia Kennie)

In Ponytails and Promises we find ourselves back in small town Regina Beach with Emily and Max. (Barb Y)

The setting is a generational prairie grain farm. The hope, commitment and love makes this romance an enjoyable and special read. (Amazon Customer)

Author Annette Bower has an innate gift for creating characters that are down to earth and relatable. (Shauna)

In a genre that can sometimes be too predictable, Bower’s characters shine with originality and this is perhaps her best so far. (deelynn)

This story reminds us that it’s important to remain hopeful and to stay connected while also being true to one’s self. (Karen Good)

I went into this book with a bit of trepidation – as so many contemporary romances seem the same to me, but this one is a wonderful surprise and is highly recommended. 4.5 Stars (Uncaged Book Reviews

Uncaged Book Reviews 4.5 stars rating gave me the opportunity to be in the semifinals and then the finals. A win would be the cherry on the sundae, the ice cream on the cake and the double beats in my heart.

See you on August 18, 2020.

You will find many fantastic authors in the genre you enjoy reading and perhaps discover a-new-to-you author.

Cue the fireworks.