I’m at a virtual party all weekend

It’s a Party and you’re all welcome


One well placed ‘No’ changed Tiffany’s life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

Fearless Destiny is all dressed up and tempting readers with pictures and tidbits of information.

A New Year calls for a new life

Don’t drive by stalled cars on the highway. You never know who needs you.

“Tiff, did you see the demonstration against the mine and the boom?”

Women with substance discussed Woman of Substance

Woman of Substance appeared in all her glory projecting her trailer for all to see.

Woman of Substance by me, Annette Bower and not Barbara Taylor Bradford


Moving On hasn’t shown up yet. She’s waiting for tomorrow and she’ll be there in all of her glory.

Time for this writer to slip under the covers.

Good morning, here is the link to my post this morning. I learned that food doesn’t play as big a role in my novels as it does for some authors who love sharing recipes.

What do we serve for snacks during the morning of a party?

And why do you write sweet, dear Annette?

I love this book trailer for my novel Moving On

The cover for Fearless Destiny is designed to invite you on a road trip

When your parents tell you they’ve finished your book.

We came and now it is time to leave. Thank you all for joining us at this New Year’s party.

Gifts real and intended

Gifts real and intended

Gifts real and intended

Most of my gifts are wrapped. Most of my shopping is done. But very few cards have been sent. And I intend to write individual notes in each card to indicate that I care about friends and family. I have copied photos of my family to include in some cards. I have convinced myself that cards received after Christmas receive more attention because the recipient won’t be as busy. Or is it like a consolation prize?

I have reasons of course, don’t we all. I am on a time line trying to have novel number 3 ready to send out by the end of December. There are parties and family to visit. There is shopping and of course fitness to plan into a day, as well as short stories for submission to an anthology.

For instance today I finally completed my webpage for The Writers” Union of Canada. I submitted my application and fee in July while I was at the Sage Hill Writing Experience during the Fiction Colloquium lead by Lawrence Hill . He encouraged me to submit my application because Woman of Substance was in print.

From Dec. 17 – 23, The Romance Studio is having a Christmas Party, I will post throughout the party along with many other authors and different style of books. So drop on by, register and have chances to win many prizes, including copies of Woman of Substance and Moving On.

I also posed in front of our son’s Christmas tree and sang “we wish you a reading Christmas, we wish you a reading Christmas, we wish you a reading Christmas and a happy new year” for a fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Karin Shah. She is trying to put together a Christmas video Christmas card. One of the authors suggested giving us a key. Unfortunately, I don’t know one key from another. This is one of those hmmm, should I really have participated? I’m not sure if the project will come to fruition.


But most of all there are moments to reflect on life. The accomplishments, goals and improvements.


Now I am off to find batteries for a child’s toy.


Holiday Greetings and Christmas Wishes for you as you continue to prepare for your personal celebration this year.


photo courtesy of Mei Teng 


A love story with a serious theme

I'm in the newspaper!

I’m in the newspaper!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in someone else’s body, to experience the world the way they do?
Fiction offers that chance, and in my novel, Woman of Substance, the main character Robbie Smith goes one step further and dons a fat suit to discover first-hand how heavy women are treated by society.

Robbie’s research raises risky issues for her thesis advisor, and more complications ensue when Robbie starts to fall for Jake, the new colleague who knows her both as a slim work acquaintance, and as his grandfather’s overweight and potentially suspect friend.

Robbie and Jake need to learn to trust, to see beneath the surface, to realize appearances may not, in fact, be real. But can they get beyond their fears and suspicions, to accept their friendship and let it develop into love?

Like my first book, Moving On, A Prairie Romance, Woman of Substance, is set in Saskatchewan. (Moving On, at Regina Beach; Woman in Regina.)

Woman of Substance also features realistic characters you might meet any day at the supermarket, cinema or dog park—prairie people just like you and me, struggling with loss and acceptance, celebrating love.

It explores similar serious subjects, too: trust, identity, self-esteem, physical appearance, illusion and self-deception.

And Woman of Substance, like Moving On, is published in electronic format for e-readers such as Kobo or Kindle or the appropriate app on your tablets. As a writer, I am excited about this, because it makes my work instantly accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection and e-reading device. I love its immediacy: You hear about a book or are enticed by its cover, and minutes later, you’re reading it!

So it’s time to close the covers on 50 shades, open the blinds and use your imagination about friendship leading to love right here in our own back yard. Robbie and Jake are our neighbours; the issues they face are our dilemmas; their dreams are a prairie reflection of love.

A good book does not have a best before date.

A good book does not have a best before date.

Download today. Save paper, save a writer, buy a book.

Annette Bower lives in Regina. For more about Woman of Substance, and links to purchase, visit www.annettebower.com

© Copyright (c) The Regina Leader-Post

Woman of Substance is now available in print at both: http://www.amazon.com/Woman-Substance-Annette-Bower/dp/1619352257
And http://www.amazon.ca/Woman-Substance-Annette-Bower/dp/1619352257/

Romance transcends boundaries

A lake has the same appeal round the world

A lake has the same appeal round the world

Moving On, A Prairie Romance is a sweet romance that takes place in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regina_Beach,_Saskatchewan

The above picture is a lake in a park. Regina Beach looks similar to this and therefore Robin and Nick’s story also translates to different parts of the world.
I hope you drop over to Flurries of Words for April 18, 2013 and read about the story and a review too!.
http://flurriesofwords.blogspot.ca/2013/04/book-of-day-moving-on-prairie-romance.html or http://flurriesofwords.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/book-of-day-moving-on-prairie-romance.html

Photo courtesy of alesia17 stock.xchng http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1396054

XoXo Publishing ™ 9/10 Best Selling author of 2012 for Moving On, A Prairie Romance

9/10 Best selling for 2012 at XoXo Publishing (tm)

9/10 Best selling for 2012 at XoXo Publishing ™

Thank you readers for supporting me in this career.

I was surprised to read this post on Facebook from my publisher at XoXo Publishing ™ http://www.xoxopublishing.com/Products/

“Gina Cianfarani XoXo Publishing ™
XoXo Publishing is pleased to announce the 2012 Top Selling books/Authors of the year. We know that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into each and every book and we are very proud of all of our Top Authors.
Everyone take a second and give a big applause to all of these incredible Authors for a job well done. Everyone here at XoXo Publishing applauds your efforts and we look forward to an even more successful year in 2013!

2012 Top Sellers

1. Cupcakes For My Birthday by Venus Cahill

2. Icing On The Cake by Becky Moore

3. Blood Purple by Ashley Nemer

4. Pas Des Deux by Denyse Bridger and Brigit Aine

5. Subordinate Position by Delaney Diamond

6. Radiance – Life After Death by Debra Jane East

7. Mystery Date by Shawn Bailey

8. Moonlit Destiny by Bia Tanos

9. Moving On – A Prairie Romance by Annette Bower

10. Evernight Vol. 2

Congratulations authors, kindly email me for a copy of your certificate via email only. The certificates will be sent out by the end of this month.


Thank you again to those who have read the book.
And to you who would like to, the links are on the home page or my book page.
I would post the links here but it seems crass today because this is all about thanking you the readers of Moving On, A Prairie Romance and the other 9 books in the XoXo Publishing ™ top ten.