My April 2023 Newsletter

Hello from this blogger slacker,
I write a newsletter once a month. I’ve been trying to find a way to have the total newsletter on my blog, but alas, there does not seem to be a way. Therefore I am including my link and perhaps if you find your way here, you will click through and find out what I’ve been doing and will be doing. Thank you.

And 2022 is off to a strolling start

wine glasses in the window 2022My resolution is to write one blog post a month. I have been sadly remiss in keeping up on my site.

Of course, the question is does anyone still read blogs?  Now there are many different platforms to catch the few minutes readers have to scroll through the internet.

I will post my newsletter after it is released for readers who want to keep up this way rather than subscribe.

Looking forward to keeping my resolution.


My November Newsletter is here

In my November Newsletter I hope the Christmas letter will come back into style in order for us to hear from family and friends near and far that they are okay through all of the restrictions to keep us safe until the majority of the world population can be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.


These letters are like a message in a bottle, they usually declare successes of family or losses throughout the year. I have a few friends who carried on with the tradition, while I had fallen off. In fact, usually my cards arrived long after the holiday season or perhaps not at all. This year I am going to be different. I will begin earlier and walk to the post office outlet so that Adam, the postal employee, can drop the cards in his sorting containers ready for the Canada Post truck driver to pick them up and deliver to the main post office building for sorting and shipping. If you don’t hear from me, know we are well and coping in spirit.

And for a moment of fame

On this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I have much to be thankful for.


Click here to read the QC Leader article!

A bit of whimsy with the Saskatchewan flag


Click on the link above and read an article written by Ashley Martin in the QC which is a supplement of the A Leader-Post Publication, printed and distributed on October 08, 2020.

The last line that missed the scanner, is “just a slow burn.”

The title is: Author Offers Sweet Stories. Annette Bower writes non-traditional romance novels 

I was pleased and honoured to be contacted by Ashley Martin and asked if she could write an article about me. Of course, I said yes. We were going to meet in a socially distanced space but decided to have a phone conversation instead. She has quoted me in several places.

Someone suggested that I scan the article and put it on my blog to provide opportunities to those who do not receive the paper to read it.

Today, I went to Staples and did just that.

Thank you for reading about me and my writing journey.

Picture inside of me on my Townie Bike by Brandon Harder.

Picture above and picture on the front of the article by Sherry Shamblin