Exciting News and an exciting FREE opportunity

The absolute exciting opportunity is: My publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, and editor, Debby Gilbert is offering Raven award winning and RONE First Runner up Fearless Destiny  free for download from Amazon from Nov. 6-10, 2017. If you haven’t had an opportunity to purchase, now is your chance or gift to friends. Please share and help make Fearless Destiny a bestseller.

This is the announcement of Fearless Destiny winner as First Runner Up of Contemporary Sweet at the RONE awards ceremony and gala on October 14, at the Burbank Marriott Hotel in conjunction with the InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival.

Thank you to RJ Frankhouser who is also a runner up in the RONE for video taping this for me. I was away in Italy at the time and there wasn’t a way I could return. Although I wish I could have.

My badge and certificate arrived.

And a big, heartfelt

From the bottom of my heart to everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs and my stories.


Fearless Destiny makes its debut today


Let the celebration begin

Let the celebration begin

This morning I received an email from Debby Gilbert the publisher and my editor at Soul Mate Publishing

“Good Morning,
Happy Launch Day! Your book is now available on Amazon. 🙂
Enjoy your day!”
One well placed 'No' changsd Tiffany's life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

One well placed ‘No’ changsd Tiffany’s life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

I knew today was coming but it sneaked up on me anyway. I think it is one of those things like the Christmas parcel under the tree, you’ve shaken it, you’ve measured it, you’ve dreamed of what it might be but afraid to hope too much. But when I unwrapped Fearless Destiny it was a lovely all day affair.


At the end of today, I want to say

From the bottom of my heart.

From the bottom of my heart.

To everyone who has made this day special with their purchases and congratulations for a wonderful release day.