When you are not chosen

batter up

Since I’m in my recollection box, another memory wants to be memorialized.
This was again at St. Augustine School. It must have been around grade 4. A few of us girls were not chosen for the ball team.
Ok, my family had a ball and bat, and we would make up our team. We did. We played where there was room, until one day, one of our team hit a ball and broke another player’s glasses.
My dad was called into the office because the ball and bat were our family’s personal property.
Someone wanted my dad to pay for new glasses for the girl.
I’m not sure what transpired except of course we felt indignant, and I was forced to take the bat and ball home and never bring them onto school property again.
I also remember the fear I had because I knew we didn’t have money for someone else’s glasses. But when I look back from an adult perspective, perhaps the girl’s parents did not have funds to replace the glasses broken accidentally by a group of girls who only wanted to play ball.

I do not know the outcome. It was never spoken about openly when my tattletale ears were open.

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