A writer with a view of the city

Annette Bower
Annette Bower

Annette Bower enjoys writing flash fiction, short stories and novels about women in communities, families and in love or searching for love. Her flash fiction and short stories are published in anthologies and magazines in Canada, US and UK.  In December of 2011 her  first novel was e- published by XOXO Publishing. Moving On, A Prairie Romance is now available to purchase and download on www.xoxopublishing.com, www.amazon.com www.allromanceebooks.com www.strandbooks.com .

 In 2011 she walked two 5km races and did not come in last. She is registered for a 5 km race on May 12, 2012 and June 10, 2012. Training began but slowed down due to snow. It will begin again soon.

She updates her posts on her writer’s life page.

Annette is a member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Saskatchewan Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America.

The Bees are her writing group.

14 thoughts on “A writer with a view of the city

  1. Was I surprised and delighted to hear your great news….gonna read it the minute I get a chance.
    Drop me an email so I can return and write back…lots to catch up on….

  2. I enjoyed reading Moving On A Prairie Romance. Envisioning the locations in the novel added to the pleasure.

  3. Hello Elizabeth,
    Thank you for reading Moving On A Prairie Romance. The setting plays a very important role in a story. I’m glad that it added to your reading pleasure.
    Yours truly,

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