It is official, Moving On, A Prairie Romance is re-released by Soul Mate Publishing

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

On September 29, 2014 Moving On went live on for three months and then it will be available on Kobo and Barns and Noble. And then six months after that, a print book will be available.

What has changed since Moving On was published in 2011? The story is basically the same. Different editors request different consistencies in the writing. In the first book, I shifted points of views between the characters and may have caused confusion for the reader. My editor, Char Chaffin assisted me in staying in one character’s view point for longer periods of time.

There is a slightly different ending, but in the main it is a sweet contemporary romance novel between two people who suffer loss.

Anna Jenkins’ dream of the future she would have had is destroyed when her fiancĂ© was buried on their wedding day. As an heir to a cottage at Regina Beach, she believes that here is where pity will no longer find her.
The small town residents of this resort town want to know why this woman has arrived when she doesn’t have any family connection. Anna isn’t telling them. She wants a fresh start away from sorrow.
Nick Donnelly came back to his home town to recuperate after losing his left lower leg to an IED during the Afghanistan war. He uses his experience to help out the town while he is home.

Nick and Anna know there is a connection because of their loss, however they are trying to move toward a different future. Nick shares the good things about the town with Anna and they become friends. Nick begins to dream of a possible life away from the army, something he would not have considered before meeting Anna.

Anna learns that life does go on and she begins to grow again in her new community. When she discovers that Nick plans to return to active duty, she withdraws into a shelter. How can she risk loving someone who could be killed on the job again? She can never go through that kind of pain and survive.

Nick and Anna must find a way toward a future together where they can both realize their potential and love.

For my friends and fans who read Moving On, A Praire Romance the first time around, I thank you. For new friends and fans who would like to experience a sweet romance, set in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan, join Anna and Nick on their journey away from loss toward love.

The second round of edits are returned!

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

My editor Char Chaffin with Soul Mate Publishing went through my manuscript with an editor’s eye for detail and mechanics. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.
If everything goes as planned Moving On, A Prairie Romance will be available as an electronic book at the end of September and then nine months later, it will be available in print. I’m looking forward to loading it onto my e reader and then holding it in my hands.

I have friends and relatives who still read in print copy.

Here is my first endorsement:
“Moving On is a delightful and emotional tale of love and loss. Trauma nurse Anna Jenkins on stress leave after the death of her fiance and Nick Donnelly, a soldier who lost a leg while serving in Afghanistan on a peacekeeping tour, lean on each other to rebuild their lives. Together they discover a future to live for.” — R. Barri Flowers, bestselling author of Forever Sweethearts

Catch up

Leaving Sage Hill, 2014

On July 31, 2014 I drove away from Sage Hill, a cocoon of creativity to my real life.

Company arrived and my office 342 days of the year became a guest room and my office became a TV table in my laundry room.

When we write we need to find a place.

When we write we need to find a place.

I put together a collection of my many published short stories for a writer friend to look at and give me some advice on how to move forward with the stories. I have a desire to have them between two covers rather than all of the anthologies and magazines.

I worked on edits for Moving On still scheduled to be released by Soul Mate Publishing in late September 2014.
I choose the cover for Moving On, A Prairie Romance.

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

And I worked on edits for a short story for the next edition of Voices, an anthology from the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group.

The company continued on their journey and I moved back into my office to create a blog post for The Romance Studio Blog on August 15, 2014:

I also started back into my walking program. During walking around Wascana Lake alone (instead of my walking partner), I have been listening to “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams. His book seemed apropos because when attending workshops and working with an editor it can feel at times as if I am failing at this writing business. How could I have worked at it for so long and continue to make mistakes? However, mistakes do provide opportunities, and that is where the last part of the book title also applies “and Still Win Big.”

And just before sleep, I have been re reading Mary Balogh’s A Christmas Promise, I enjoy reading her characters journey into love.

And to end this long blog, yesterday we drove out to visit friends who have a cottage at Last Mountain Regional Park.

A relaxing spa day. The air was full of moisture and the lake serene.

A relaxing spa day. The air was full of moisture and the lake serene.

Today, is a day for Symphony Under the Sky.

I went and I came back much wiser

RWA 2013

RWA 2013

I arrived in Atlanta on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 and picked up my registration package.
On Wednesday, July 17, I didn’t have to be anywhere specific until 5:15 pm,another writer friend and I went to the High Museum of Art to see the Girl with a Pearl Earring exhibition featuring thirty-five masterpieces from The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague.

A sign in the gallery stated: “Genre paintings portray scenes from every day life.”
That is how I write, I take everyday life and bring it into story and as the Girl with A Pearl Earring, there is the question of where will fact end and fiction begin.

The Girl with a Pearl Earring is Johannes Vermeer’s Mona Lisa. It is not a true portrait but rather studies or characterizations of certain facial expressions. As with Mona Lisa, everyone wonders who she might have been. The question is, was she really one girl of a compilation of many girls just like when writers develop characters.

On Wednesday evening, I took my place for the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing along with over 400 authors as we autographed romance novels at a mass book signing. Proceeds from the book sales went to ProLiteracy World wide, Literacy Action and Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta. The event raised over $50,000.00.

And can you imagine the excitement in the room?

And can you imagine the excitement in the room?

Because Woman of Substance is available in print and because my publisher Debby Gilbert of Soul Mate Publishing donated books on my behalf, I was able to achieve a goal which has been on my bucket list. I was chosen to sign at this event and be part of the excitement and joy of reading.

And don't I look happy

And don’t I look happy

And I wasn't on the top floor.

And I wasn’t on the top floor.

At the end of the day, my view from my hotel window.

Woman of Substance is now available in print

WofS print large

I received a phone call from the security desk telling me that four boxes had arrived for me. I knew in an instant that it must be my print copies of Woman of Substance. I took the elevator down to the parking level and picked up a cart. I was dancing in the private space until the doors opened when the elevator arrived back on the main floor. Yes, there were four boxes of books from the printer hired by Soul Mate Publishers to print Woman of Substance.

Now for all those readers who prefer to crack the spine of a book, you can.
I will begin to find placement for the books as well as sell them from home.
If you would like a copy please email me.

You can also order a print copy from

Barnes and Noble:

As I place them out and about I will post it here and on my web page.