What has this writer been up to?

I'm at the Sunshine Arts Festival at Regina Beach, SK, July 1, 2015

I’m at the Sunshine Arts Festival at Regina Beach, SK, July 1, 2015

Yes, I was there selling copies of Woman of Substance and Moving On. I had a great day, sold books, talked to many friends and strangers. Watched the parade. Wonderful day.

Home Hardware at Regina Beach has accepted copies of Moving On and Woman of Substance to sell. Home Hardware


The Painted Parasol in Lumsden has accepted copies of Moving On and Woman of Substance to sell. The Painted Parasol


Chapters in Regina is also selling Woman of Substance and Moving On.

Chapters Regina


I have fabulous news.

I have fabulous news.

I have also been revising Designed for Love title changed to Will’s Intentions because Soul Mate Publishing has accepted novel number three for release in early 2916.

But all work and no play is hard on the body. I’ve taken my Keenfit walking poles,

My walking partner

My walking partner

to smell the

A reminder of nature's beauty.

A reminder of nature’s beauty.

in Wascana Park.



Ready to Go

All packed and ready to go

All packed and ready to go

Tomorrow bright and early, well not so early, I will drive through Lumsden, Saskatchewan to St. Michael’s Retreat House to spend ten days at the Sage Hill Writing Experience.
I will be a participant in the fiction novel colloquium. There are five participants who will work individually with Lawrence Hill.
There are other classes going on at the same time. There will be approximately thirty-two participants in all.

When I return, my new novel with working title of Designed For Love will have been discussed and revised.

Time to pack up for the night.

Time to pack up for the night.

Now it is time to pack up my computer and go to bed, so that I am bright eyed and bushy tailed for ten wonderful days.

A love story with a serious theme

I'm in the newspaper!

I’m in the newspaper!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in someone else’s body, to experience the world the way they do?
Fiction offers that chance, and in my novel, Woman of Substance, the main character Robbie Smith goes one step further and dons a fat suit to discover first-hand how heavy women are treated by society.

Robbie’s research raises risky issues for her thesis advisor, and more complications ensue when Robbie starts to fall for Jake, the new colleague who knows her both as a slim work acquaintance, and as his grandfather’s overweight and potentially suspect friend.

Robbie and Jake need to learn to trust, to see beneath the surface, to realize appearances may not, in fact, be real. But can they get beyond their fears and suspicions, to accept their friendship and let it develop into love?

Like my first book, Moving On, A Prairie Romance, Woman of Substance, is set in Saskatchewan. (Moving On, at Regina Beach; Woman in Regina.)

Woman of Substance also features realistic characters you might meet any day at the supermarket, cinema or dog park—prairie people just like you and me, struggling with loss and acceptance, celebrating love.

It explores similar serious subjects, too: trust, identity, self-esteem, physical appearance, illusion and self-deception.

And Woman of Substance, like Moving On, is published in electronic format for e-readers such as Kobo or Kindle or the appropriate app on your tablets. As a writer, I am excited about this, because it makes my work instantly accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection and e-reading device. I love its immediacy: You hear about a book or are enticed by its cover, and minutes later, you’re reading it!

So it’s time to close the covers on 50 shades, open the blinds and use your imagination about friendship leading to love right here in our own back yard. Robbie and Jake are our neighbours; the issues they face are our dilemmas; their dreams are a prairie reflection of love.

A good book does not have a best before date.

A good book does not have a best before date.

Download today. Save paper, save a writer, buy a book.

Annette Bower lives in Regina. For more about Woman of Substance, and links to purchase, visit www.annettebower.com

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Woman of Substance is now available in print at both: http://www.amazon.com/Woman-Substance-Annette-Bower/dp/1619352257
And http://www.amazon.ca/Woman-Substance-Annette-Bower/dp/1619352257/