What does an author do who hasn’t written on her blog for too long?

That author, me, should put her “BICFOK” Bum in chair, fingers on keyboard.

When I went to my first Romance Writers of America conference, I can’t remember where or when but I did purchase a charm with that same sentiment on it. I recall when I wrote and rewrote my novel Woman of Substance, I had sat so long that I created compression fractures in my spine. A good lesson to learn. We need to take a break from our chairs on occasion. I suppose that is why it is now called the new smoking.

Since writing Woman of Substance which is the book that stemmed from my women’s studies class and at the university I attended after my children left home. Soul Mate Publishing contracted the novel and published it in, 2012.

Prior to that my first novel publication was Moving On published by XOXO Publishers in  Toronto in 2011. Unfortunately, that small press went out of business and I received my rights and Soul Mate agreed to edit, give it a new cover and published it in 2014. Moving On was the novel of the community where my husband and I raised our sons. Regina Beach is a very special place as a resort town on a long narrow lake in a valley scoured out by the ice age.

In 2016, Fearless Destiny my novel exploring what happens to a small community when a natural resource is developed on the doorstep. I situated this novel in Apex in the same vicinity as Regina Beach, but drew from examples of many communities in Southern Saskatchewan. I integrated the main characters from Moving On. In 2017, Fearless Destiny was nominated for a RONE award in Sweet Contemporary. The novel won first-runner up.

Ponytails and Promises released in the fall of 2019 was a little longer in coming. I lost some writing mojo. But with perseverance and Soul Mate publishing belief in my writing I set the story in the same area as Regina Beach, Apex but on a farm. This year, Ponytails and Promises is also nominated for a RONE award. I am in the gathering votes stage. The procedure is the top five novels with the most votes proceeds to being read and judged. One book is dropped but the next four are finalists for the award in October.

During this process, I am pleased with the time readers have taken to vote. I feel blessed by the support.

I am hopeful that the judges will deem the writing in Ponytails and Promises worthy of the prize. However, I am honoured to have this opportunity.

I graduated as a nurse and worked in health care for many years. I use these experiences in my stories as well. As an author, I use the familiar and research, research.


What has this writer been up to?

I'm at the Sunshine Arts Festival at Regina Beach, SK, July 1, 2015

I’m at the Sunshine Arts Festival at Regina Beach, SK, July 1, 2015

Yes, I was there selling copies of Woman of Substance and Moving On. I had a great day, sold books, talked to many friends and strangers. Watched the parade. Wonderful day.

Home Hardware at Regina Beach has accepted copies of Moving On and Woman of Substance to sell. Home Hardware


The Painted Parasol in Lumsden has accepted copies of Moving On and Woman of Substance to sell. The Painted Parasol


Chapters in Regina is also selling Woman of Substance and Moving On.

Chapters Regina


I have fabulous news.

I have fabulous news.

I have also been revising Designed for Love title changed to Will’s Intentions because Soul Mate Publishing has accepted novel number three for release in early 2916.

But all work and no play is hard on the body. I’ve taken my Keenfit walking poles,

My walking partner

My walking partner

to smell the

A reminder of nature's beauty.

A reminder of nature’s beauty.

in Wascana Park.



It is official, Moving On, A Prairie Romance is re-released by Soul Mate Publishing

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

On September 29, 2014 Moving On went live on Amazon.com for three months and then it will be available on Kobo and Barns and Noble. And then six months after that, a print book will be available.

What has changed since Moving On was published in 2011? The story is basically the same. Different editors request different consistencies in the writing. In the first book, I shifted points of views between the characters and may have caused confusion for the reader. My editor, Char Chaffin assisted me in staying in one character’s view point for longer periods of time.

There is a slightly different ending, but in the main it is a sweet contemporary romance novel between two people who suffer loss.

Anna Jenkins’ dream of the future she would have had is destroyed when her fiancé was buried on their wedding day. As an heir to a cottage at Regina Beach, she believes that here is where pity will no longer find her.
The small town residents of this resort town want to know why this woman has arrived when she doesn’t have any family connection. Anna isn’t telling them. She wants a fresh start away from sorrow.
Nick Donnelly came back to his home town to recuperate after losing his left lower leg to an IED during the Afghanistan war. He uses his experience to help out the town while he is home.

Nick and Anna know there is a connection because of their loss, however they are trying to move toward a different future. Nick shares the good things about the town with Anna and they become friends. Nick begins to dream of a possible life away from the army, something he would not have considered before meeting Anna.

Anna learns that life does go on and she begins to grow again in her new community. When she discovers that Nick plans to return to active duty, she withdraws into a shelter. How can she risk loving someone who could be killed on the job again? She can never go through that kind of pain and survive.

Nick and Anna must find a way toward a future together where they can both realize their potential and love.

For my friends and fans who read Moving On, A Praire Romance the first time around, I thank you. For new friends and fans who would like to experience a sweet romance, set in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan, join Anna and Nick on their journey away from loss toward love.

Romance transcends boundaries

A lake has the same appeal round the world

A lake has the same appeal round the world

Moving On, A Prairie Romance is a sweet romance that takes place in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regina_Beach,_Saskatchewan

The above picture is a lake in a park. Regina Beach looks similar to this and therefore Robin and Nick’s story also translates to different parts of the world.
I hope you drop over to Flurries of Words for April 18, 2013 and read about the story and a review too!.
http://flurriesofwords.blogspot.ca/2013/04/book-of-day-moving-on-prairie-romance.html or http://flurriesofwords.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/book-of-day-moving-on-prairie-romance.html

Photo courtesy of alesia17 stock.xchng http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1396054

The Elsie Shirley Gallery was the perfect place for a reading

Love, Loss and Other Oddities: Tales from Saskatchewan

This book is now available in the Regina Beach Public Library

Reading at Elsie Shirley Gallery, Regina Beach, SK

Karyn Good and I read from our novels. Eunice Cameron introduced Karyn Good www.karyngood.com who read two exciting scenes from her book Backlash. Eunice introduced me next and I read from chapter 1 of Moving On A Prairie Romance.
We had a draw and Karyn’s book was won by Janey while my book was won by Duana. We hope both of them enjoy their reads.
The audience was supportive and friendly and asked many questions. I estimate that two of the audience used e readers regularly. One audience member used an i Pad, while two others read on their computers. The rest of the audience is still coming to grips with the idea of electronic publishing.
While Karyn Good’s book Backlash will be available print on demand, and therefore a traditional book can be purchased but her book will also be available in many places on electronic sites.
My book, Moving On A Prairie Romance is not available in traditional print. I wish it could be only because many of my friends and supporters continue to read in print and are not ready to move into the e reader. But perhaps when they are the book will continue to be available.
I have approached South East Regional Library about including a copy of my novel in their lending library. I have not have a response to date.

Karyn Good and I donated a copy of Love, Loss and Other Oddities: Tales from Saskatchewan to the Regina Beach Library.