What has this writer been up to?

I'm at the Sunshine Arts Festival at Regina Beach, SK, July 1, 2015

I’m at the Sunshine Arts Festival at Regina Beach, SK, July 1, 2015

Yes, I was there selling copies of Woman of Substance and Moving On. I had a great day, sold books, talked to many friends and strangers. Watched the parade. Wonderful day.

Home Hardware at Regina Beach has accepted copies of Moving On and Woman of Substance to sell. Home Hardware


The Painted Parasol in Lumsden has accepted copies of Moving On and Woman of Substance to sell. The Painted Parasol


Chapters in Regina is also selling Woman of Substance and Moving On.

Chapters Regina


I have fabulous news.

I have fabulous news.

I have also been revising Designed for Love title changed to Will’s Intentions because Soul Mate Publishing has accepted novel number three for release in early 2916.

But all work and no play is hard on the body. I’ve taken my Keenfit walking poles,

My walking partner

My walking partner

to smell the

A reminder of nature's beauty.

A reminder of nature’s beauty.

in Wascana Park.



My poles and me for another mile

Sask Power

It wasn’t as cold as I thought it might be. When I walked on the city streets I could find ways to be sheltered from the wind. My poles kept me steady through some of the snowbanks and across the icy streets.

We, my poles and I, walked the half mile to the Shopper’s Drug Mart for milk and sour cream then home again.

This is the Saskatchewan Power building.

“SaskPower head office: http://www.saskpower.com/about-us/our-company-and-strategic-direction/our-history/
Our head office building is a unique architectural achievement. Completed in 1963, it began in 1956 when Joseph Pettick, a Regina architect, was hired to design the new SaskPower head office.

The building was designed as a “flowing Y” shape to provide north facing offices with a view of Victoria Park, and to avoid cars exiting onto Victoria Avenue. This design was a distinct departure from the prevailing architectural styles at the time.

When completed, it was the tallest building in Saskatchewan with 13 floors. Due to its curved design, the building is actually longer than its lot, and is covered with over 650,000 wheat-coloured bricks. Yellow, white and gold window frames and solar screens on the exterior contrast the blue, green and purple mosaic tile in the lobby.

The interior design is also meant to evoke the prairie landscape — the 13th floor auditorium is even nicknamed “grasshopper belly!” ”

I’m glad I took a picture of this building. I’ll have to go up to the 13th floor and see the “grasshopper belly.” I see the sunset reflected in the windows every night. Perhaps I can take a picture toward my building. I have a goal for another walk day.

I grabbed my poles and walked my mile outside.

A storm was coming however

A storm was coming however

It is March after all and I need to get in shape. Why I can’t bring myself to go down eleven flights of stairs or ride the elevator down eleven floors to the treadmill, I do not understand.
So yesterday, I dressed for the weather with layers and my rubber soles waterproof shoes and walked my mile. This is the City of Saskatchewan Legislative Building. “The Saskatchewan Legislative Building was built between 1908 and 1912 in the Beaux Arts style to a design by Edward and William Sutherland Maxwell of Montreal.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saskatchewan_Legislative_Building from my vantage from across Wascana Lake. “Wascana Lake has been restored to its place as the crown jewel of Regina, treasured for its scenic beauty, for recreational sailing, rowing, and canoeing, and as a natural habitat for waterfowl and wildlife.” http://www.gs.gov.sk.ca/Default.aspx?DN=53cca1bd-cacc-4183-85ed-a1c4af41ef48

Perhaps if I commit to posting a picture of my walk often, I will be inspired to venture out and exercise.
On that note, time to bundle up as it is minus 8°C or 18°F. Same cold just different ways of describing it. Hmmm, there are similarities to writing.

Wish me luck.