Woman of Substance Third Review on the tour and it is a 4 crown

There are distances we all travel.

There are distances we all travel.

A fellow writer commented that I was brave to have a book review tour. I replied I was either brave or naive.

When I write I am so close to the work. Robbie and Jake have been with me for a long time. They began at a summer writing workshop where everyone was accepted if you paid the fee. (I had been rejected for a different workshop when my writing was adjudicated, so I was not going to take the chance again that year.) At that time I didn’t know that there are many reasons to be rejected.

However, Robbie was created and a scene where she turns and things fall from her makeup table because she wasn’t used to her body size. I was encouraged to continue.

Many years and many revisions and different pitches and Woman of Substance is published.

Queen of All She Reads: http://queenofallshereads.blogspot.ca/2013/02/book-review-tour-woman-of-substance-by.html read and reviewed Woman of Substance. Her rating is a 4 out of 5 crowns.

“The scenes between Robbie, Jake and his grandfather Frank are well written and really drew me into the story. As Jake and Frank get to know “Robin”, the young overweight woman, they find themselves going down memory lane and remembering the best times they had as a family and how much they miss Frank’s wife and Jake’s grandmother. While “Robin” knows it’s not honest to include them in her research, she doesn’t want to risk hurting Frank’s feelings by telling him the truth, or ruining her growing friendship with Jake.”

Drop on over and read the rest of her review and comment. There is an incentive. I am offering a $25.00 Gift Card to a random drawn reader who comments on reviewers’ post.
But even if you don’t comment, just going to their site, seeing the books they review or host and discovering perhaps an author you would like to read, is appreciated.
This isn’t all just about me and Woman of Substance. It is for readers as well and other authors.
Thank you.

Woman of Substance is on a virtual book review tour: Today is the first day and it is a 3 star review and a 5 flower review

Wish I could read to all of you

Reading from Woman of Substance

The postcard link on the front page will take you to the tour page of Godddess Fish. There you will see the review schedule.
Or for today, you can click on Teena in Toronto at: http://www.teenaintoronto.com/2013/02/book-woman-of-substance-2012-annette.html

At the end of the tour, I will create a list of all those who stopped by and commented during the tour and enter them into a random draw for a Gift Card to Amazon.

Teena says, “If you are looking for something different in romance, you should check it out.”

Woman of Substance is also reviewed on It’s Raining Books. http://www.its-raining-books.blogspot.ca/2013/02/woman-of-substance-by-annette-bower.html

The reviewer wrote:”This book was nothing like I expected, and ended up being so much more than I’d hoped. It could have been full of preachy clich├ęs , but instead it was just a real, honest story.”

Rated 5 Flowers – I loved this book! It’s on my keeper shelf! I highly recommend it.”

Drop on over to both reviews and garner information about Woman of Substance.

Tomorrow I will be at Queen of All She Reads http://queenofallshereads.blogspot.com/