The first day of a book review tour for Fearless Destiny

My first review stop on this tour is at Room with Books.

It is the Christmas season and I slept in. I knew this review would be up early, but sometimes it is easier to sleep rather than face comments about a book I have spent years and hours researching, writing, editing, and sending it out on its own into the world.

With coffee in hand, I had a wonderful surprise. “I am very pleased to offer Fearless Destiny by Annette Bower five steaming hot cups of Reviews by Room With Books coffee.”

Thank you Room with Books for your careful and thoughtful reading of Fearless Destiny.

One well placed ‘No’ changed Tiffany’s life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

Visit Room with . There is a chance to win a GC but also a chance to read about other authors and my fabulous review as well.

From the bottom of my heart.

“Woman of Substance is a love story that takes the premise of walking in another’s shoes to a whole new level.”

I''d love to wear these but I could only stand in them for a few minutes.

I”d love to wear these but I could only stand in them for a few minutes.

Today Janna Shay reviewed Woman of Substance on her wordpress site Fair Play:

Every time I click onto a review I take a deep breath. This morning I let the breath out with a great big smile.

“My Review

Woman of Substance is a love story that takes the premise of walking in another’s shoes to a whole new level. Annette Bower does an excellent job of crafting a creative storyline filled with humor, compassion, and love. She takes a sensitive subject that plagues many women and transforms it with taste and style into an entertaining love story that will have you rooting for the protagonists’ happily ever after.

As you follow Robbie’s journey in supporting her thesis, you find yourself commiserating with her as she tries to determine her course of action in resolving her dilemma with Jake. The ups and downs will keep you glued to the pages as you eagerly read to the end. The characters are well-drawn and engaging, and the writing flowed smoothly. Even though the story included an element of sadness as it dealt with the death of a loved one, it was handled with finesse and grace and did not impede the romance of the story.

I found this love story to be a thoroughly enjoyable read that held my attention from beginning to end, and one that you definitely don’t want to miss.”

Please stop by Janna Shay’s wordpress site and her blogspot site. She has posted it twice to give Woman of Substance maximum exposure.

Janna has reviewed many books, you just may find a new author or another book by a favorite author.

Woman of Substance is on a virtual book review tour: Today is the first day and it is a 3 star review and a 5 flower review

Wish I could read to all of you

Reading from Woman of Substance

The postcard link on the front page will take you to the tour page of Godddess Fish. There you will see the review schedule.
Or for today, you can click on Teena in Toronto at:

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Teena says, “If you are looking for something different in romance, you should check it out.”

Woman of Substance is also reviewed on It’s Raining Books.

The reviewer wrote:”This book was nothing like I expected, and ended up being so much more than I’d hoped. It could have been full of preachy clichés , but instead it was just a real, honest story.”

Rated 5 Flowers – I loved this book! It’s on my keeper shelf! I highly recommend it.”

Drop on over to both reviews and garner information about Woman of Substance.

Tomorrow I will be at Queen of All She Reads