A Writers’ Retreat

Writer it's cold out here

Writer it’s cold out here

Shelley Banks http://shelleybanks.ca/,

Linda Biasotto (Sweet Life to be released by Coteau Books, spring 2014) https://www.facebook.com/lbiasotto and I made another pilgrimage to a place of quiet away from our regular lives so we can concentrate on writing. The funny thing about concentrating is that sometimes it brings up all reasons to procrastinate just like it does in our everyday lives except here we get to talk about them and we get to go back to the work with another insight or a confirmation that we are on the right track. And we don’t have to think about cooking, cleaning, or appointments. Our focus is creative writing.

When I first arrive at a retreat I feel as if I have the whole time and great projects will be completed. Gradually the words do meet the page but so do moments of contemplation open up. And discussions during meals or around a fire or even just staring out the window assist in building ideas that can add depth and breadth to story.

Before I came I had also embarked on an exercise program which dictates walking every day. I brought gear and walking poles but I couldn’t do it outdoors because of the extreme cold. Ever resourceful, I searched the Town of Lumsden and found the establishment of Fitness DownUnder http://www.fitnessdownunder.ca Lani, the owner, came and set up a couple of drop in opportunities. On my second drop-in session I couldn’t open the door and had to call Pip, another contact, who came immediately. I am so impressed with their friendship, the cleanliness and well-equipped gym in this small community. Fitness Down Under

Tomorrow is our last day at St. Michael’s Retreat http://www.stmichaelsretreat.ca/
If you are looking for a place to just be with your creative project give them a call, it might just be the place for you. stmichaels

I completed the Royal Road Race for the 3rd time

Looking good before the race

Looking good before the race

scene along the way

scene along the way

Another scene along the way

Another scene along the way


With 500 maximum participants, the Jaleta Pacers partner with the RCMP each year to hold the Royal Road Race on Mother’s Day weekend in May. The Royal Road Race is being held on Saturday, May 10, 2014. The Royal Road Race is a family event that promotes wellness and the sport of running. The race is designed for everyone from walkers to competitive runners. The race distances are 10 km Timex series, 5 km and 1km Mini Mountie Run. The course is fast and flat with a 5 km loop run twice for the 10 km distance. The proceeds raised from this race go toward local charities.”
http://jaletapacers.com/royal-road-race/ The University of Regina received money for a scholarship and Hope’s Home also received money from the proceeds.

My time on the digital clock was better than the other two years. Perhaps if I didn’t stop to pull up my socks or take pictures on the walk I may have shaved seconds more off my time. Way back when I read a book about running in a marathon, it was suggested that you never wear old underwear on race day. No one mention old socks. Next year I will know better.
I did come in 19/36 in the 5 km walk. The first three in my age and gender group must be very good speed walkers.
Again many years ago, I took a course on speed walking. The gait is very specific, however the only advice I adhere to is that I always walk into the wind when I can. Otherwise the advice is that a runner/walker will end up too far away from home and have to walk back into wind.

As you can see from the above information next year it will be on May 10, 2014. I will plan to sign up once again. Come on out and join us. It is a great chance to be part of a sporting event with your very own specific goals. There was a participant who raced with crutches, she completed her own race in her own time, yes, she did it. There is room for everyone. But sign up early, those 500 spaces fill up quickly.

The marathon cometh

The Royal Regina Road Race will soon be here and Regina is still under mounds of snow.
I have been out walking with my walking poles, but the last three days I’ve been walking with a friend.
We use every leg and back muscle we have as well balance over ice, around puddles and through soft slush.
Today as we followed each other on the sidewalk on the top of snow banks I recalled being in elementary school and running home for lunch over just this kind of terrain.
Then of course I ran and then of course I didn’t care when snow crystals slid into my boots and squished under my toes.
Today is different.
Today a kind man told us to be careful so as to not fall. I said it was okay because I did it yesterday.
Wish me luck. I would prefer not to come in last.

Both Start and Finish are my goals.

Both Start and Finish are my goals.

It was only -14° C but my poles and I walked

Can Spring Be Far Away

Can Spring Be Far Away?

Even though it was cold we walked 2.14 miles today. Unfortunately I wore my big boots and I slid in them so by the time I returned home, it was as if I had walked on sandpaper. Tomorrow I will have to find different boots/shoes/runners?

The sky was beautiful as you can see behind the tree. Does it hurt a tree to be cut when it is frozen?

Today I am at The Romance Review 2nd Anniversary Party in the chat forum. I’m giving away at least two copies of my short story Christmas Wishes, from the Kindle store to two random drawn commenters.

Part of the points gathering to win prizes, players can visit the chat forum, I’ve had over eighty-eight views but few comments.

I will be back in the chat forum on Friday, March 9, 2013 as part of Soul Mate published authors.

If your around stop in at http://www.theromancereviews.com/event.php . Register and play. You never know which new authors you will discover and you may win free books.

My poles and me for another mile

Sask Power

It wasn’t as cold as I thought it might be. When I walked on the city streets I could find ways to be sheltered from the wind. My poles kept me steady through some of the snowbanks and across the icy streets.

We, my poles and I, walked the half mile to the Shopper’s Drug Mart for milk and sour cream then home again.

This is the Saskatchewan Power building.

“SaskPower head office: http://www.saskpower.com/about-us/our-company-and-strategic-direction/our-history/
Our head office building is a unique architectural achievement. Completed in 1963, it began in 1956 when Joseph Pettick, a Regina architect, was hired to design the new SaskPower head office.

The building was designed as a “flowing Y” shape to provide north facing offices with a view of Victoria Park, and to avoid cars exiting onto Victoria Avenue. This design was a distinct departure from the prevailing architectural styles at the time.

When completed, it was the tallest building in Saskatchewan with 13 floors. Due to its curved design, the building is actually longer than its lot, and is covered with over 650,000 wheat-coloured bricks. Yellow, white and gold window frames and solar screens on the exterior contrast the blue, green and purple mosaic tile in the lobby.

The interior design is also meant to evoke the prairie landscape — the 13th floor auditorium is even nicknamed “grasshopper belly!” ”

I’m glad I took a picture of this building. I’ll have to go up to the 13th floor and see the “grasshopper belly.” I see the sunset reflected in the windows every night. Perhaps I can take a picture toward my building. I have a goal for another walk day.