2020 Uncaged Book Reviews RAVEN Awards Finalist

I needed your support and you gave it to me.

Ponytails and Promises, my story about being a woman who is also fourth generation farmer made it through the semi-finals and also the finals in the Contemporary category. I thank all the supporters who took the time to vote and vote again. The winners will be announced at during a live Facebook event with Uncaged Book Reviews the 2020 RAVEN Awards. There will be giveaways during the event. I invite you to pour a glass of your favourite beverage and join us.

Here are a few lines from some of the reviews on Amazon about Ponytails and Promises.

Ponytails and Promises takes you literally to the heart of the prairies. (Ryshia Kennie)

In Ponytails and Promises we find ourselves back in small town Regina Beach with Emily and Max. (Barb Y)

The setting is a generational prairie grain farm. The hope, commitment and love makes this romance an enjoyable and special read. (Amazon Customer)

Author Annette Bower has an innate gift for creating characters that are down to earth and relatable. (Shauna)

In a genre that can sometimes be too predictable, Bower’s characters shine with originality and this is perhaps her best so far. (deelynn)

This story reminds us that it’s important to remain hopeful and to stay connected while also being true to one’s self. (Karen Good)

I went into this book with a bit of trepidation – as so many contemporary romances seem the same to me, but this one is a wonderful surprise and is highly recommended. 4.5 Stars (Uncaged Book Reviews Amazon.com)

Uncaged Book Reviews 4.5 stars rating gave me the opportunity to be in the semifinals and then the finals. A win would be the cherry on the sundae, the ice cream on the cake and the double beats in my heart.

See you on August 18, 2020.

You will find many fantastic authors in the genre you enjoy reading and perhaps discover a-new-to-you author.

Cue the fireworks.



A mentor by definition is a teacher or a coach. I’ve had many throughout my writing career. The person I’ve been thinking about didn’t teach me, nor was a coach, but rather a peripheral supporter. Someone spotted potential success in my writing ability.

I have had the good fortune to attend Sage Hill Writing Experience  on three occasions. As participants we had an opportunity to read from our works in progress. After one of my readings, Susan Crean, a National Bestseller author, didn’t come up to me and congratulate me on my presentation, but rather she said that she believed I would go far in my writing career. There are some moments a fledgling emerging writer always remembers, and this is one of mine.

This year, Ponytails and Promises has received many reviews from readers and two industry reviews.

From InD’Tale Magazine a 4 1/2 heart gold crown that has given me the opportunity to be a finalist in the RONE Award (Reward of Novel Excellence) sweet, contemporary romance category. Cardyn Brooks wrote: overall, “Ponytails and Promises” delivers an emotionally satisfying, hopeful read about grief, recovery, and moving forward.”

Cyrene Olson in Uncage Reviews also gave Ponytails and Promises a 4 1/2 star review. In her review she wrote: “I went into this book with a bit of trepidation – as so many contemporary romances seem the same to me, but this one is a wonderful surprise and is highly recommended.”

To my mentors and my supporters, whether you realize it or not.


What does an author do who hasn’t written on her blog for too long?

That author, me, should put her “BICFOK” Bum in chair, fingers on keyboard.

When I went to my first Romance Writers of America conference, I can’t remember where or when but I did purchase a charm with that same sentiment on it. I recall when I wrote and rewrote my novel Woman of Substance, I had sat so long that I created compression fractures in my spine. A good lesson to learn. We need to take a break from our chairs on occasion. I suppose that is why it is now called the new smoking.

Since writing Woman of Substance which is the book that stemmed from my women’s studies class and at the university I attended after my children left home. Soul Mate Publishing contracted the novel and published it in, 2012.

Prior to that my first novel publication was Moving On published by XOXO Publishers in  Toronto in 2011. Unfortunately, that small press went out of business and I received my rights and Soul Mate agreed to edit, give it a new cover and published it in 2014. Moving On was the novel of the community where my husband and I raised our sons. Regina Beach is a very special place as a resort town on a long narrow lake in a valley scoured out by the ice age.

In 2016, Fearless Destiny my novel exploring what happens to a small community when a natural resource is developed on the doorstep. I situated this novel in Apex in the same vicinity as Regina Beach, but drew from examples of many communities in Southern Saskatchewan. I integrated the main characters from Moving On. In 2017, Fearless Destiny was nominated for a RONE award in Sweet Contemporary. The novel won first-runner up.

Ponytails and Promises released in the fall of 2019 was a little longer in coming. I lost some writing mojo. But with perseverance and Soul Mate publishing belief in my writing I set the story in the same area as Regina Beach, Apex but on a farm. This year, Ponytails and Promises is also nominated for a RONE award. I am in the gathering votes stage. The procedure is the top five novels with the most votes proceeds to being read and judged. One book is dropped but the next four are finalists for the award in October.

During this process, I am pleased with the time readers have taken to vote. I feel blessed by the support.

I am hopeful that the judges will deem the writing in Ponytails and Promises worthy of the prize. However, I am honoured to have this opportunity.

I graduated as a nurse and worked in health care for many years. I use these experiences in my stories as well. As an author, I use the familiar and research, research.