Time and fruit flies fly

Hello from the Saskatchewan Prairie during our autumn.

I have fruit flies in my house for the first time in my memory. But then again, during this pandemic, memory is shifty.

I Googled fruit flies and assumed they arrived on my overripe bananas. So I ate the bananas. But alas, the flies live.

This situation demands more research.

Fruit flies cannot resist rotting fruit or apple cider vinegar. However, a drop of dish soap will stop them from leaving.

Now and again, I check my trap. Then, finally, I rejoice at one body settled on the bottom of the open container.

Another suggestion is a container with fruit flies’ other addiction, rotting fruit, and apple cider vinegar covered with plastic wrap with holes poked into it.

Periodically, I lift the hole-poked plastic-wrapped container with the pear core submerged in the apple cider vinegar and wonder that more flies have not found their way to this delicacy. Or have they discovered the way in and the way out?

That is the question for my day.


Happy Release Day for Ponytails and Promises

Ponytails and Promises is live on Amazon as an e-book. Print to follow in 2020.

With deadlines looming, another threat emerges, one she doesn’t know if she’ll overcome: the man she hired might be the man who steals her heart.

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From the bottom of my heart to everyone who pre-ordered my novel. 

This book was a while in coming. I had hit a patch of self-doubt, however, Soul Mate Publishing, LLC  kept the faith, and today my novel, which started with a suggestion from friends to set a romance on a farm, is available to share a story about Emily and her mother, Alese, who are the owners/operators of a grain farm. They have the care of an elderly uncle who is in the beginning stages of dementia. Uncle Harold cannot stay home alone, and they do not want to send him to a care home while they seed their crops. Along comes Max, a long-haired, bearded man who looks like the boy next door; however, Emily wants to discover the man he turned out to be.

I’m looking forward to readers’ comments about my latest novel.

Thank you for sharing my excitement with me today.

Alone or Lonely

Alone or lonely
One day last week I was relearning the almost indoor walkway from the condo where I live to the mall. I had discovered it years ago, however, I hadn’t used it in a long time.

This day was my adventure day. I can’t remember exactly why I chose this time. I recall going into the enclosed sidewalk mall and seeing the stairs that led to a floor I was certain would be part of my journey. Of course, being directionally challenged, I had to ask someone. They directed me to through the heavy double safety doors, to the arrows that pointed the way across a covered parking garage. When I entered another heated walkway, I heard a low, quiet voice singing. I spotted the person leaning against the window, gazing west and singing mournfully. My heart ached at the sound. The language was not one I understood. I passed by without invading his thoughts or space.

Being a story-teller, I believed he was looking westward toward the land of his birth and possibly a family or a special someone he had left behind. Perhaps even a war-torn country.  We are a city of newcomers. They must miss their home country. It felt as if this man ached for someone he didn’t have with him.

Or he could have been waiting for the bus. Perhaps this day, I was projecting my feelings onto him and made assumptions that had nothing to do with him at all. That too is part of storytelling. I’m choosing to believe the first, it is a better story.


When an e-copy of Moving On is free for a few days




And on https://www.amazon.ca/Moving-Annette-Bower-ebook/dp/B00O2HZ4LW

And when this author is captivated seeing the numbers change on the Amazon best selling rank because of Amazon’s special algorithms, but not understanding how they work, it’s almost like watching a slot machine.

Will enough readers give an author a chance?
This author needs new shoes.

Amazon works with numbers and some people understand them, and others don’t. I fall into the don’t category as you can tell.

I’d like to thank everyone who has given a new-to-them author a chance and downloaded my novel and had a few hours of enjoyment.

But when this author is also at a writing retreat working on a Work-in-progress over concern is disturbing even in these lavish surroundings. (This is not a good indication of all of the rooms, but it is the luck of the draw that I am in this particular room.)

A writing retreat with other romance writers.

We have our meals provided.  I go to them, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner because writing is hard work and writers need sustenance and comfort. Throughout the day we have a quiet retreat and concentrate on our writing projects. Even if we pass each other in the hall, we try not to disturb anyone’s concentration. But during meal times and in the evening we share writing tales encouragement and laughter.

Novel Number 4, Ponytails and Promises releases on November 20, 2019

With deadlines looming another threat emerges, one she doesn’t know if she’ll overcome: the man she hired might be the man who steals her heart.

And I am at 57,300 words on Novel number 5 first draft. I want to be over 60,000 words before I leave on Tuesday. I must get to work and try not to watch the numbers on my Amazon pages, too often.