Stop # 4 on Fearless Destiny Virtual Book Tour is up.

I’m doing a happy dance

When a reviewer agrees to review a book there is an unwritten code that they will review carefully. Nancy Fraser did just that today.  She found the central questions in Fearless Destiny and asked them. “Can Tiffany give up her new-found independence and do what’s expected of her? And what about Will? Is he just passing through or is their romance destined to last?”

When there aren’t any stars or other indications of a rating, a reader reads the review and gleans what they think will be of value to them. I believe that readers will enjoy reading Nancy Fraser’s review and will consider purchasing Fearless Destiny as a story they would like to experience. In fact, one of Nancy’s followers, just commented that they will look for Fearless Destiny on Amazon. Whoopee!

Check out Nancy’s review on Notes From a Romantic’s Heart.

Nancy Fraser is an award winning writer who lives in Atlantic Canada. Check out her novels, too.

Stop #2 and #3 on the Book Review Tour for Fearless Destiny

Today, Andra at Unabridged Andra has reviewed Fearless Destiny.

Andra has wonderful comments about Fearless Destiny

“I love the cover. The leading lady has such a badass haircut and she’s the perfect combination of sassy and sweet. It fits Tiffany perfectly as she’s got a passionate and artistic streak that makes her an true individual.”

And she also says: “Tiffany’s “I don’t need a man” refrain kind of grated on me. It could have been because it’s a romance book so…come on…there will most likely be a romance anyway.”

Drop on over and check out what else she says about Tiffany and Will’s story.

Today I am lucky to have two stops on my tour.

Libri Amori Miei rates with a 4 star and a recommendation for all fans of a sweet romance.

Mave says: “It’s a delightful read, I loved the writing and the atmosphere the author set up. I really enjoyed the book from beginning to end.”

I’m doing a happy dance


The first day of a book review tour for Fearless Destiny

My first review stop on this tour is at Room with Books.

It is the Christmas season and I slept in. I knew this review would be up early, but sometimes it is easier to sleep rather than face comments about a book I have spent years and hours researching, writing, editing, and sending it out on its own into the world.

With coffee in hand, I had a wonderful surprise. “I am very pleased to offer Fearless Destiny by Annette Bower five steaming hot cups of Reviews by Room With Books coffee.”

Thank you Room with Books for your careful and thoughtful reading of Fearless Destiny.

One well placed ‘No’ changed Tiffany’s life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

Visit Room with . There is a chance to win a GC but also a chance to read about other authors and my fabulous review as well.

From the bottom of my heart.

Merry, Merry quite contrary.

I know we have another Mary associated with the rhyme, however the way a writer’s mind works at times is a marvel even to the writer, me.
At this time of year being Merry can be a challenge.
When I think of my childhood, I don’t recall all of the preparation work necessary for the season. That was the adults job, except for helping to tidy the house, in case someone came. We somehow didn’t consider that we were someone because we’d answer a knock and aunts, uncles, along with cousins would visit.

When my husband and I were young and living in Ottawa, we’d go to a restaurant and make a list of gifts we’d purchase while we sipped our wine.

Then life changed.
When our children were young, I did the baking, the gift purchases, and wrapping. We started a tradition with our small children that Santa did not wrap his gifts because I didn’t have time. We would put out a child size blanket, their auntie had made for each child, and Santa would put the gifts on it.
Never the less, I was still wrapping at midnight on Christmas Eve because we opened in the morning. The very early morning.

The year of icefishing equipment from Santa

The year of icefishing equipment from Santa

But then the sons became teenagers and it was a little later.

And then they went off to have families and traditions on their own.

and so now it is just me and my husband on Christmas morning. We have a leisurely morning and after we are dressed, with a fresh cup of coffee at our side, we open gifts.

Gifts real and intended

Gifts real and intended

Later we join our large extended family at the home of one of my brothers. There are usually about twenty plus around the table, with lots of food, laughter, and love.



From my family to yours:

And to everyone who follows my blog, opens my newsletter, and purchases, borrows from the library and reads my books,

From the bottom of my heart.

From the bottom of my heart.