The day of the Festival of Leaves in pictures.

In the autumn, I see the sunrise.

James Trettwer is driving; you can spot his eyes in the rearview mirror. Byrna Barclay is in the front seat; you can see her yellow hat in the side mirror. Orange is hanging out with me in the back.

Our banners are up, and our books on display. We have our draw basket all ready to go.

Our draw basket is for anyone who stops for a chat. Just a name and phone number are all we need. But if you would like to receive my newsletter, then I invite you to give me your email address. Thank you to those who will be on my newsletter list.

James Trettwer is shaking up our entries.

Lisa, the Weyburn Events Coordinator, drawing the lucky name.

Joan, the excited winner, couldn’t come and pick it up but she sent her daughter, Katlin to pick up the prize.

The successful event is over. We all sold books to readers or early Christmas shoppers. We’re tired.

The Land of The Living Skies, Saskatchewan’s slogan, belongs to everyone, who travels along the highways, lives in small towns or cities. We are all so appreciative of eternal beauty.

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