I’ll be at the Festival of Leaves tomorrow.

I enjoy being out in the community talking to people, offering children hubba bubba gum, and selling books.

Award-winning authors, Byrna Barclay, James Trettwer and I will be sharing a table. We’ll be flying our book banners, encouraging you to enter our draw and if you are a print-copy reader it’s an opportunity to purchase a copy of our books for yourself or for presents for the season of giving which is fast approaching.

We’ll also share the secret of where you can purchase our books electronically.

And if you want to talk about the weather, we’ll do that too.

When I was studying at The Regina Grey Nuns’ School of Nursing, I did two classes at the Psychiatric Hospital in Weyburn. As student nurses, we made many friends, mostly male of course, (not patients.) Although I stayed in residence while in the first year of training, and the second sharing a house with friends, being in Weyburn was my first time away from my home city.

The hospital is no longer there but the residents of the city are still as welcoming and friendly.

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