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I’m in the news

Lake Winnipeg Writers award fiction and poetry prizes
By Roger Newman

More than 20 adult and youth writers will be featured in the
forthcoming spring edition of “Voices”, the twice-a-year literary journal of the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group (LWWG).
The writers either won prizes or earned honourable mentions
in the LWWG’s recent creative writing contest which wrapped
up in February. Winners were selected in four categories – adult
fiction, youth fiction, poetry and valentine poetry.

“All the winners and honourable
mentions will be published in a
good fat issue,” LWWG spokesman Richard Koreen says, adding that the new “Voices” will be launched June 15 at the McNally Robinson book store in
Winnipeg. “We included Valentine poetry because the deadline for submissions was February 14. There will also be a cover
painting by Winnipeg Beach artist-writer Helma Rogue Rehders who is one of our members.”

Judges for the contest were four well know Manitoba writers.
Evaluating the adult poetry was Dennis Cooley, a University of Manitoba professor who is a prolific writer of both prose and
poetry. He is known for his two
critical studies of Canadian literature and for his work on the
executive of the Manitoba Writers Guild.

Sharing the task of judging adult and youth fiction were Patti
Grayson and Sheila McClarty.
Grayson’s two books – a volume of short stories and a novel – have earned four Manitoba book award nominations while McClarty’s short stories won the 2011 Eileen McTavish-Sykes Award for best first book by a Manitoba author.
The romantic rating the valentine poetry was Deidre Laidlaw, a member of
the Selkirk Literary Guild who is a published magazine author and poet.

The names of some writers appear more than once on the
winners’ list because the contest permitted multiple entries. Here
is the list:
Adult Fiction: 1st. – Chuck Lovatt; 2nd. -Anna Gentzen;
3rd. – Mickey Cuthbert;
Honourable Mentions – Annette Bower,
Herb Bjarnason; Brian Kahler.

Adult Poetry 1st. – Arthur Ammeter; 2nd. – Leonora Buffie; 3rd. –
Teresa Lee Cooke; Honourable Mentions – Teresa Lee Cooke,
Ann Timonin, Abby Ruzic, Margaret Block, Roxane Anderson,
Adam Peleshaty (2); Jim Craig.

Youth Fiction 1st. – Kayle Bertrand; 2nd. – Molly Bae; 3rd.
– Tonino Coneotro-Baptiste;
Honourable Mentions – Janine
Campbell, Anna Kowalchuk, Naomi Tran.

Valentine poetry 1st. Roger Rochester; 2nd. -Alexandra Doherty;
3rd. – Richard Bredsteen.

The winners from first to third were awarded cash prizes while
all entrants received a one year Internet membership in the LWWG.

photo courtsey of emsago.

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