What an exciting day at the RWA 2012

I have not learned to upload a photo with my smart tablet. It may be smart but the operator needs a little help.
I attended to the pro retreat rather than the media I had initially planned. A lawyer spoke about demystifying contracts. He suggested registering our copyright and he suggested that the typical thought of mailing a copy of your manuscript to yourself for protection isn’t really that helpful.
Then editors spoke to us and of course they just repeated that the best thing we could do was write the best story we can. Then at lunch the keynote speaker mentioned that this was the best time for writers because of all of the options we have. At the end of my day I was going to just hang out by myself and stroll through shops, however I caught up with writers who asked me to join them for dinner. We shared many writer stories and the expectations today. This evening I met up with a writer from the Saskatchewan Romance Writers. I know this blog post is long on generalities and short on specifics. One of the main reasons is that I am down in the lobby because I have not splurged for the $12.95 for wifi for 24 hours in my room and I forgot to bring down my information. Many of us are commenting that other hotels include the Internet in the rooms but then we would possibly do what we do at home quietly in our offices rather than be part of the excitement and noise.
So I promise I will fill in the details on the revision.
Now I am off to bed because tomorrow is another very busy intense day. Later tomorrow evening the Soul Mate publisher and some of the authors here are going out to dinner.

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