I am here in Anaheim, CA at the RWA

I boarded a plane at six am, so of course that means that I was up a great deal earlier. The flights worked fine. No problems. As I walked to the shuttle I spotted four woman and one of the suitcases had a tag with a shoe, I asked and yes, they were here for the conference. The Blue Shuttle was there, again no problems. One of the writers rode with me and we chatted as strangers do. The check in was uneventful. There really is ten pounds of books in the tote bag.
The streets are crowded with families sporting mouse ears from their day at Disney Land.
I haven’t extended myself except in elevator chats and then while I was seated at my dinner table for one, another author was also dining alone. We chatted about where we were from and the other conferences we attended. She left to go to her room while I came to the lobby for free Internet connection.
The lobby is filled with squeals of welcome for friends.
But the day has taken it’s toll, I’m going up to my room with a wonderful deck and a view of the pool. Good night.

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