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Anyone need a hug? 
One question was? Are these your granddaughters? The answer is no. This is a stock photo my newsletter guru found. But they look so happy. The day will return when we can hug again, until then we need to remember these feelings.

When my children were young I used to hug them to fill up my hug well. My well is getting pretty dry. I can hug my husband and I’m one of the lucky ones to have someone in my household who will hold me and I can hold him back.

I write about hugs in Ponytails and Promises. During my life and my research I have come to realize that not everyone wants to have a stranger or even a friend or colleague cross over into their intimate space.

I’ve often thought of people who live alone and might be skin starved for touch. I believe that is why woman may go to the hair stylist often and join communities that do shake hands a lot, or at least used to before the pandemic.

I enjoy writing because it give me the opportunity to research about so very many different things.

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