A book club read Woman of Substance

Women with substance discussed Woman of Substance

Women with substance discussed Woman of Substance

About six weeks ago Shirley contacted me and asked if her book club choose Woman of Substance http://www.amazon.com/Woman-of-Substance-ebook/dp/B00AN9TE8W/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1355464106&sr=1-3&keywords=annette+bower would I have some questions for them.

I said, of course, although I had not formulated any questions specific to my book, nor had I ever attended a book club meeting. But I was thrilled.

Readers will discuss the theme, characters and setting of  Woman of Substance

Readers will discuss the theme, characters and setting of
Woman of Substance

I researched of course. I asked women who were in book clubs what they discussed about a book. I formulated questions and offered to attend the meeting if the club wanted.

Shirley contacted me and said that the members unanimously chose Woman of Substance. http://store.kobobooks.com/en-CA/ebook/woman-of-substance

As the day drew closer, I had trepidation. What if they didn’t like it? I put all the doubts aside because readers were willing to purchase the book, borrow the book, spend time reading it and wanted to discuss the theme. I could only benefit from such generosity.

The day arrived, I took a trial run to the address because I didn’t want to get lost.

Shirley had suggested I bring a few print copies just in case members wanted to purchase a book. On my way, I realized I forgot change for a book priced at $12.99. I usually come prepared with 1, 2 and 5 dollar change. I wheeled into a grocery store, chose and item and paid with a fifty and requested 1, 2,and 5 change.

I was ready. Or as ready as I would ever be.

These women with substance welcomed me and discussed my questions about Woman of Substance http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/woman-of-substance-annette-bower/1113954859?ean=9781619352254 with knowledge, attention to detail and kindness. Did they like everything about the book? No they had some reservations and questions. Which is what discussion is all about.

But as discussion evolved I learned many things. I learned about the Be Astonished Inc program at the University of Regina. http://www.beingastonished.com/about-us/our-story/
which works towards inclusive community for young adults with complex disAbilities.

I learned about no bake chocolate, oat cookies and the names which were used in different families but the recipes are the same. They are also a favourite in the University of Regina, Luther Campus cafeteria.

I learned how suspicions are acted up when it appears that power theft may be in action for grow-op situations.

I learned about hospital volunteers, their dedication and age.

I learned about the J.C. Campbell School in North Carolina. https://www.folkschool.org/

I learned about the Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers fundraiser dinner coming up: http://grandmothers4grandmothersregina.com/

And Kick Biking: http://www.kickbikeamerica.com/
and an offer to try one.

I also learned about an author Sierra Dean. http://www.sierradean.com/

In between all of these discussions we talked about my motivation for writing this story and was it a good reason to write it.

We talked about using a character who dressed up as if she was fat rather than using a woman who was.

We talked about Jake and his motivations. But we also talked about the difference between romance genre and women’s fiction. Because Woman of Substance is women’s fiction with romantic elements, Jake doesn’t get equal billing in his character development.

We evaluated the basis of friendship for love.

And we talked about using Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regina,_Saskatchewan for a setting versus perhaps a larger city in another part of the world.

In the end, I didn’t need change because they paid by cheque or correct change for books.

My very first book club adventure was a huge success.

Thank you women with substance.

Women with Substance: Shirley, Betty, Connie, Sandi, Karen, Donna

Women with Substance: Shirley, Betty, Connie, Sandi, Karen, Donna

4 thoughts on “A book club read Woman of Substance

    • Hi Leeann,
      Thank you. I do have one more set up for June out in the country. I leave a day early and hope I don’t arrive a day late. My sense of direction will need the help of a GPS and probably phone calls.
      Thanks for following my blog posts.

  1. The feedback on your book would be quite valuable!
    I am always amazed at how people interpret things differently! It is a testimonial for our individual creativity.

    • Hi Betty,
      Thank you for dropping by. I agree we all bring different life experiences to our reading of a particular work. As I writer I am pleased to hear readers experiences with the pages and my characters. You are right in that we are individuals. And what a great world this provides.

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