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Fearless Destiny
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (August 3, 2016)

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Artist's parents demand she return home and resume her place in the family plumbing business.

She can't be that daughter again and keep her commission for her fresco art project.


From the Romance Review Readers Choice nominee, Annette Bower, comes a new small town romance, Fearless Destiny.

Tiffany George, riding high on her commission as a fresco artist, returns home for some deserved rest and relaxation.

The drive is uneventful until she rescues Will Cleaver on the side of a highway. While savoring memories of a kiss and a well formed butt, her future goals do not include a romance.

Once in town, she discovers the hopes and dreams of her community hinge on the development of a new resource mine and Will Cleaver's designed neighborhood. Her parents demand she give up art and resume her working partner role in the family business.

Tiffany George is pulled by her community roots and stretched by her newly discovered independence.

Will Cleaver knows about taking charge of destiny. He models the courage she uses to become the woman she needs to be.



Every reader of Annette Bower's powerful, third prairie romance will fall for Will, a challenged and challenging idealist and Tiffany, a plumber and sculptor torn between duty and desire. Their destinies merge, seem to part, then come together again in a story as old as the horizon yet as fresh as the crocus lifting its head beneath a young sun.—Byrna Barclay

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annette bower's fearless destiny


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