Yesterday was a long journey home

This carousel has its ups and downs and rounds and rounds just like writing

With the conference over there was nothing left to do but decide which books could fit in the suitcase, stuff into the computer bag and wait for the super shuttle. The lobby was subdued as writers said goodby for another year.
I met Cindy Kirk on the shuttle and we talked about writing whenever we could. She enjoys long waits for planes because she writes. I took her advice and wrote. With my earbuds in listening to some tunes, I wrote another scene for my new contemporary romance novel, yet to be titled, during the flight and then in the airport.
Last year I took a novel writing workshop from Gail Bowen at St. Peter’s College, Muenster, SK. She suggested that we should title our work and therefore own it. Right now it is called Georgette because that is the name of my main character.

This evening on the twitter feed I read that Maeve Binchy died.

I have had so many hours of pleasure reading her books and my last acquisition was a 166 page book called: The Maeve Binchy Writers’ Club where she shared tips on writing. I am going to re read it in her honor and to remind myself of why her writing style was so popular. “We write. We tell stories. We may create poems, do research into some specialist area, come up with thrillers, turn out a comedy. But we write. We don’t just talk about it.” (page 1, ISBN 978-0-7528-8307-6 )
Her books will survive for years although she is no longer here.

Day two at the RWA conference 2012

Okay, I figured it out! Sorry it has taken me a couple of days of shortsightedness. I can do my blog post in my tablet notepad and then I can copy and paste. 
My first workshop today was “Hook a Reader in 140 Characters: How to Promote using Social Media.”
Speakers: Andrea Laurence, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Rhonda Nelson, Kira Sinclair.
The first important item is they suggested is to not be a sleazy salesman, where everything is buy my book! 
Next important is to choose your main social media that you do well and tie the other social media to it. 
Another important message was not to get so involved that it takes away from your writing. One of the presenters has a separate computer for emails and social media in a separate room, she has to leave her work place to go to visit her social media readers and friends.  
We received a twitter twerminology sheet: OH: Short for overheard. This chat abbreviation is used on Twitter, often in place of RT (retweet) when the user does not want to provide the user name of the follower they are quoting. 

The next workshop was Integrated Marketing Plans for Writers 
Speaker: Jennifer Fusco. Besides many tips the one thing she reminded us was besides knowing what works with our marketing we should also know what fails. She suggested that as writers we should have a positioning statement which should help us to understand where we are about as writers. 
And we also have to build a budget and a time line at least 6 months before the book is released. She listed things to do for each month.

The next workshop was Laughing All the Way to the bank:How to write and sell humor. Speakers:Kathleen Bacus, Christie Craig, Angie Fox, and Diane Kelly. Again many different ideas were shared. One of the books recommended was The Comic Toolbox.
Lunch key note speaker was Robyn Carr. She mentioned that every time she said she as going to quit through her long career of change and adapting to the market change she wrote some of her best books because she became fearless.
After lunch I attended a workshop on How to get the most out of Goodreads.  Speaker: Patrick Brown. I have some work to do when I get home.
The final workshop of the day was The Secrets of E-Book Publishing Success. Speaker: Mark Coker with Smashwords. It is a changing world for writers. He imparted many of his secrets but his top three were: 1. Write a great book. 2. Pick a great title 3. Get a great cover. He has free books on Smashwords for download to assist writers in their business because it is a business. 

That’s all for today and of course I am brain fried. 

Great dinner at Morton’s with ten authors of Soul Mate Publishing and senior editor Deborah Gilbert
Now here is hoping that I can copy and paste.

I’m on my way to California for the RWA 2012 conference

Moving On-A Prairie Romance Bookmark

Romance Writers of America®
32nd Annual Conference
Anaheim Marriott®
Anaheim, California
July 25-28, 2012

Join more than 2,100 published and aspiring romance writers, editors, agents, and other industry professionals in Anaheim, California. Conference attendees will enhance their writing and knowledge of the ins and outs of publishing at more than 100 workshops; get the inside track at panels and round-tables featuring publishing professionals; schedule a one-on-one pitch meeting with an acquiring editor or literary agent; attend parties and network with the stars of romance fiction; and be a part of RWA’s “Readers for Life” charity book signing. And let’s not forget the 2012 RITA® and Golden Heart® Awards .

I have bookmarks and postcards for Moving On-A Prairie Romance and postcards for Woman of Substance for the goodie room. And brand new business cards to share with other writers, agents and publishers.

I’m looking forward to workshops on promotion and craft. But first I need to finish packing all the little things and go to sleep so I can get up early to catch the plane.
Tomorrow I will post from Anaheim, CA. Until then.

I Received my Email but Annette writes on

Moving Forward

The 2012 Book winners have been announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their books to us. It was not easy to narrow down the entries to a longlist as the quality was consistently high and there were several serious contenders for the top three prizes. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read your work.

We are now running our annual short story competition. Please look on our website for more details. First prize £500 (approx 805 US$; €609).

I am going to the RWA 2012 Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA. I will attempt to post to the blog daily.
My focus this year will be workshops on promoting as I will have two books to promote and am considering a short story collection early next year. Stay tuned.