Surprise, Surprise, Woman of Substance has a new review

Woman of Substance

Woman of Substance

Checking out the status of my books on Amazon is like googling myself. But it is a way to know if certain marketing strategies or working. Today I noticed that a new review was posted by a reader, Penny. I don’t know who Penny is but I am thrilled that a reader took the time to log into Amazon and post her/his thoughts.
The thing with Amazon is that you do not have to have an identity that can be associated back to you. It is between you and Amazon.

So thank you to all of the reviewers of Woman of Substance: Especially Penny, today because you made my day.

Moving On, A Prairie Romance has reviews as well that help readers choose a book right for them.

A sweet beach read.

A sweet beach read.

“I recommend “Woman of Substance”. It’s more than you might think.”

When I open my browser on review mornings I steel myself because the reviewers are professionals and they rate with their knowledge of the components for a well told story. When I opened my last review for this week at Long and Short Reviews:

I did a happy dance. The reviewer at LASR found a way to explain in their words what I hoped beyond hope I had accomplished in Woman of Substance (with a great deal help of from my editor).
“With a depth I found surprising in a contemporary romance, Ms. Bower has created a beautiful love story as well and a lovely fiction novel about accepting others from the inside out.”

Every reviewer I have had this week reviewed and posted with care and attention. The differences in what they observe indicates the different styles of readers and their preferences. And this is a good thing for readers. There are many great books out there and writers need readers but we want the reader to find a book that they would enjoy reading.
The reviewers do not receive reimbursement for reading the book and following through with their assessment. As they all state, they receive a free book.

I hope that when you have a few minutes you click through on the different links and check out their blogs and also the other books they review, there may be something there just perfect for you.

doing a happy dance
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