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Leaving Sage Hill, 2014

On July 31, 2014 I drove away from Sage Hill, a cocoon of creativity to my real life.

Company arrived and my office 342 days of the year became a guest room and my office became a TV table in my laundry room.

When we write we need to find a place.

When we write we need to find a place.

I put together a collection of my many published short stories for a writer friend to look at and give me some advice on how to move forward with the stories. I have a desire to have them between two covers rather than all of the anthologies and magazines.

I worked on edits for Moving On still scheduled to be released by Soul Mate Publishing in late September 2014.
I choose the cover for Moving On, A Prairie Romance.

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

And I worked on edits for a short story for the next edition of Voices, an anthology from the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group.

The company continued on their journey and I moved back into my office to create a blog post for The Romance Studio Blog on August 15, 2014:

I also started back into my walking program. During walking around Wascana Lake alone (instead of my walking partner), I have been listening to “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams. His book seemed apropos because when attending workshops and working with an editor it can feel at times as if I am failing at this writing business. How could I have worked at it for so long and continue to make mistakes? However, mistakes do provide opportunities, and that is where the last part of the book title also applies “and Still Win Big.”

And just before sleep, I have been re reading Mary Balogh’s A Christmas Promise, I enjoy reading her characters journey into love.

And to end this long blog, yesterday we drove out to visit friends who have a cottage at Last Mountain Regional Park.

A relaxing spa day. The air was full of moisture and the lake serene.

A relaxing spa day. The air was full of moisture and the lake serene.

Today, is a day for Symphony Under the Sky.

I am featured as the September Writer

Lake Winnipeg Writers' Group

Every month The Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group features an author and I am September.

Drop on over to:

And after you have scanned my special page look around at the other members of the group.

I first discovered the LWWG when a writer friend brought to my attention their call for stories for an anthology. I submitted Many Tongues and this story received honourable mention for adult fiction.

My friends and I went on a road trip to Winnipeg to the launch of

Many Tongues is in this anthology.

Many Tongues is in this anthology.

There are opportunities out there to have your work read. You just need to look and have friends who share with you.

Write on the Lake writing contest 2013

Honourable Mention in Adult Fiction

Honourable Mention in Adult Fiction

My short story “Many Tongues” received an Honourable Mention in the Adult Fiction category of the Write on the Lake contest 2013. Write on the Lake 2013 poster (blue)

Patti Grayson and Sheila McClarty were the judges for the Adult and Youth Fiction.

Volume 13, number 2 of Voices, will publish all the contest winners and will be launched at McNally Robinson’s in Winnipeg in early June. I will receive an invitation to that event.

Because of the contest entry I am an e-member of the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group. As an electronic member I will receive LWWG notices and may submit items for publication in the literary journal, Voices.

Every now and again I set my stories free and every now and again they are accepted for publication. I am honoured and proud that my short story “Many Tongues” will appear in Volume 13, number 2 of the literary journal, Voices.