Day 4 of my Virtual Book Review Tour


In this excerpt from Woman of Substance Ruth used a scene where Robbie disguised as Robin meets Frank for the fist time:
“As the geese began to paddle to the shore, she said, “The geese trust you.”

He teased the bread into crumbs with bony fingers. “These here birds know me. I like to be outside. I live over there.” He turned toward a seniors’ care home, where she’d often seen men and women sitting on benches and in wheelchairs around the front door.”

The geese are important to Frank and a touchstone for Robbie. Later in the story Jake asks Robbie if she suggested that Frank was a goose whisperer.

On a body of water on the Saskatchewan prairie you will see geese.

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[Ruth’s] My rating: 4 of 5 stars
“First of all, this book is to be appreciated since there is no profanity nor sex scenes. That alone makes me want to recommend this book fairly highly. When I take into the account the clever story line, I hold this book in even higher esteem. This is a book that is targeted at adults aged 25-40, but it would be suitable for young adults as well if the topic interests them.” . . .

However later she does say that “As clever as I found the story, I felt like I wanted more. I felt like I didn’t know any of the characters very well. Robbie shared the most, and Jake did to an extent as well. But the supporting cast left a lot of unanswered questions. I felt that I couldn’t truly connect with the characters since I felt that their background was not too detailed.”

I appreciate Ruth’s thoughts which she shared with readers. Each reviewer has expectations for a story and by passing on their assessment they assist readers’ choices.

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