2017 Winner Uncaged Book Review Raven Award Favorite Contemporary is Fearless Destiny


An award

I asked Cyrene Olson what was behind the RAVEN Award. She told me that “Uncaged Book Reviews is a labor of love. I [she] wanted to find a way to continue working with authors and helping to promote them. Being a designer, and a book lover, Uncaged was born. This new take on a book review magazine, is to give more space, give the reader a bit more to read, to get a better feel for the author, to help them find “their next favorite author.” There are so many terrific authors, that need more recognition for the wonderful work they do, and Uncaged will do it’s best to help.”

The name came from the idea that I [she] wasn’t going to limit authors or reviewers, the limits were lifted, so Uncaged was a fitting name.

The Raven is Uncaged Mascot.


My certificate



Uncaged Book Review of Fearless Destiny by Cyrene Olson  

“This is a sweet love story, and a story with a powerful message, that if you don’t give up, you can find a way to accomplish anything. Will and Tiffany’s story is filled with humor and a nice plot. ” 4 star (February 28, 2017)

To be eligible for the RAVEN Award, the book had to have been reviewed by, or featured by Uncaged in the past year, July 2016 – June 2017.

All books were entered automatically. (I voted for someone else before I realized that Fearless Destiny was also nominated.)

And this is how Fearless Destiny entered into the Semi-final round for RAVEN Award in contemporary fiction. Each author then canvassed the public for votes.

This was one of the easier voting procedures as there wasn’t the need to register. Cyrene said she was not collecting email addresses and only one vote per person.

The top five books in each category moved into the Final round. Each author canvassed for more votes.

My family, friends and fans. Thank you so much for taking time and voting for Fearless Destiny.

The complete list of all of the winners and runner ups are on page 10 in the above Magazine.

On more lovely photo. I paid for an advertisement in the August Issue of Uncaged.

Cyrene designed it for me. It is on page 22.

If you go through the magazine you will be able to click through to the Fearless Destiny trailer.

I had been part of a group advertisement with Soul Mate Publishing authors in Uncaged but somehow in my life I missed the  aspirations of the publisher, Cyrene Olson and the goals of Uncaged Book Reviews.

I’m glad I’m finally in the loop and I have a badge and certificate to prove it.

Big kiss from me to you as a thank you for your support.