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One well placed 'No' changsd Tiffany's life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

One well placed ‘No’ changsd Tiffany’s life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

I’m so excited, Fearless Destiny is set for ebook release on August 3, 2016.

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This is the first couple of pages of Fearless Destiny when Tiffany George meets Will Cleaver. This story begins on a highway in Saskatchewan. Tiffany is on her way to Apex, the town where she grew up and where her parents live. She is driving home from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been away becoming a mixed media artist. She has landed a lucrative commission and is excited to share this news with her parents. But as all best plans, things go sideways.

Will Cleaver, the hero of Fearless Destiny, is an architect from Toronto, Ontario who is in Apex designing an intentional and accessible neighborhood. There is a new potash mine being developed close to town and Will and the firm he works for plan to provide homes for potential employees and their families.

Chapter 1

Turning onto the highway that led into the town of Apex, Tiffany George saw an abandoned gray compact car. Her father’s voice rang in her ears, Don’t drive by stalled cars on the highway. You never know who needs you. Slowing to a stop, she grabbed her flashlight and tucked her cell phone into her pocket.

She expected to see an empty vehicle. Tiffany felt like an unprepared Girl Scout when the light illuminated dark eyes. A hand pushed through black hair. The man’s discomfort was obvious. His shoulders braced against the seat.

“Can I help you?” she called through the window.

“I’m not sure.” His jaw muscles tensed, while he shaded his eyes against the flashlight.

“I’m going to open the door.” Her forearms and biceps bulged, and her sandals skidded on gravel but the driver door wouldn’t budge.

“Locking system jammed.” His speech was slurred.

“That doesn’t happen. Have you been drinking?” She sniffed for alcohol.

“No. Pain.”

“What kind of pain?” She watched him with first-responder alertness. “Heart attack?”

“No.” He bent down toward the floor.

Growing up as her father’s helper in the family plumbing business, Tiffany knew her way around vehicles.

The man’s head slumped onto the headrest. “Okay, Mister, tell me what’s happening.”

“Muscle cramps in both legs.” He sucked air through his teeth. “Need to get out of this sardine tin.”

“Push on your knees,” she said calmly.

“Thanks, Nurse Nancy. I’ve tried. I need out.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Release the hood latch.”

She stomped across the highway. Thanks, Dad. Just what an act of kindness needs, a jerk. She parked her car bumper to bumper, broke a nail clipping booster cables onto both batteries, and started her car. Then she was back at the man’s window. “Turn on the ignition.”

He twisted the key, and his car sputtered.

Tiffany squeezed the handle, and the door latch gave way. He tipped sideways. The car engine stalled. She slid behind him and wedged her arms under his armpits. He leaned into her chest and using his arms he shimmied until both legs were on the ground.. . .

Please join Tiffany and Will on their journey toward love in this contemporary romance.


Spring For Love with the novel Rogue’s Son

Contemporary Romance: Mild and marvelous.

A man in a cowboy hat and a truck. Looking good

A man in a cowboy hat and a truck. Looking good.

Darcy Flynn is known for her heartwarming, sweet contemporary romances. Her refreshing storylines, irritatingly handsome heroes and feisty heroines will delight and entertain you from the first page to the last. Miss Flynn’s heroes and heroines have a tangible chemistry that is entertaining, humorous and competitive. Darcy lives with her husband, son, two English Setters and a menagerie of other living creatures on her horse farm in Franklin, Tennessee. She raises rare breed chickens, stargazes on warm summer nights and indulges daily in afternoon tea.

Because we are springing into love, Darcy loves seeing new life sprouting up all around me, not only in my gardens, but with the return of my mallard hen. She returns each spring with her drake to lay her eggs. As much as I try to find her nest, she keeps it well hidden. But the morning she appears with their ducklings is a joyful moment for me.

Just for you

Just for you

Now don’t you just want to read a about from Darcy’s Rogue’s Son ? I know I do. (If you click on the link, it will take you to the purchase page.)

“Tough, driven Kit Kendall has replaced her frills and dresses with no nonsense haircuts and wranglers, years ago. As owner of Sage Brush, the once thriving west Texas bed and breakfast ranch, she now struggles daily to keep her business afloat. Since McCabe Resort Lodge reopened next door as a multi-million dollar hotel, her financial difficulties compound, as she suffers one cancellation after another.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, Kit’s childhood sweetheart turned nemesis returns as the new owner of the resort that’s now putting her out of business, resurrecting memories she thought she’d buried long ago.

Cowboy, entrepreneur Sam Dawson has returned to Sugar Creek, Texas after six years of exile with a secret that could destroy Kit’s happiness. He left town because of it and for the past two years has secretly tried to make it right. Having failed, he now returns to make one last attempt to undo the tangled web created by his father.

Set in motion by his father’s Last Will and Testament and with the clock ticking, Sam has only weeks to convince Kit to sell him her ranch or reveal the truth that will break her heart.”

What’s being said about Rogue’s Son?

(5 Stars. InD’tale Magazine copied from Amazon page) “Rogue’s Son . . . A fabulous contemporary romance . . .In this well-balanced romance and western romp, Flynn has created a great cast of characters, both good and bad, with defining personalities and depth. The emotion and drive behind Kit and Sam suck the reader in so that one’s emotions follow the same roller coaster until its sigh-worthy conclusion. Readers who enjoy contemporary romance with a fiery and determined heroine, a dashing and caring hero, both with secrets and afraid to love again, should put this book on the top of their to-read lists. It’ll be worth the read!”
I’m dying to know what Kit looks like because: “Kit doesn’t need a man. Until Sam returns to town sabotaging that idea. Rogue’s Son @darcyflynn #romcom #western
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