I’m still reading.

I’m away from home and between adventures and savouring life in and around Cannes, I’ve been reading.

I completed Canadian author, Linda O’Connor’s  book Perfectly Reasonable. Besides a romance with characters who grow indivually and together, O’Connor gives the reader an insight into applying for med school and a glimpse into a doctor’s life.

I finished both of Ellie MacDonald‘s (another Canadian author) books, Claire and Bonnie from the Governess Club Series. Both books are Historical but with a light shone on women who might have been able to be independent at the time.

I started Lesley-Anne McLeod‘s Regency novel, The Possibilty of Scandle, while I waited for a late train on platform #2 at the Biot SNCF. Station. Lesley-Anne is also a Canadian author. I’m only a couple of chapters in but I’m curious to know what will happen to twin brother and sister who are wanting a summer free of being recognized as “ton.”

Last evening after winning a game of cribbage against the iPad, I started a book which I had purchased months ago but wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it, because the main character in Linda Bradley‘s contemporary romance Maggie’s Way is recovering from breast cancer. As a breast cancer survivor I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to revisit the experience. This romance is unusual because it is written from Maggie’s viewpoint and therefore in first person. I’m curious to see how Bradley carries this difficult point of view throughout the book.

On another note, my Fitbit tells me that I’ve completed my goal of 12,000 steps a day and so many more.