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Recently, I updated my file for my novel, Woman of Substance. It had errors. Mostly words out of place or misspelled words. I hadn’t realized the number of errors until last fall a friend’s husband began to say something and she kicked him under the table.

I said, “What, tell me.”

He said, “They were surprised how the book was allowed to go to publication with the errors.”

This book was e published in 2012 around Christmas and then in print in 2013. The responsibility is ultimately with me, the author. I had the opportunity to re read the book and send in any corrections before it went to print. I did this but obviously not nearly enough.

I have and always will have both spelling and grammar challenges. These two necessary tools for a writer throw stumbling blocks across my path in every sentence I write.

I asked a reader to go through a print copy and mark errors. I submitted them to my publisher, Debby Gilbert at Soul Mate Publishing. Debby graciously agreed to correct my errors after all this time. I have received a corrected secure pdf from the publisher and the copy looks fantastic.

I had hoped that all of the readers who had purchased an e copy of Woman of Substance would receive a “push” notification of the changes. Alas, there are channels according to Amazon staff through which this may be possible but in reality not probable.

I can’t even order a new corrected e copy of Woman of Substance and pay for it again, because as  Amazon staff explained, the computer knows I own a copy and would send me the old file, regardless, unless the “push” happened.

I have print copies with these errors but I wanted to gift a clean copy to the reader who painstakingly went over the novel line by line and another to the couple who pointed out the errors.

I ordered Woman of Substance from I paid $24.38 for the print book including shipping. I anxiously awaited the arrival. Today it came in the mail all the way from the UK. It wasn’t sold by Amazon, but an Ingram distributor. It is in new condition and it isn’t the corrected copy. I’m so disappointed. Our son, a business man, pointed out that these sellers probably have old stock.


I checked Moving On and Fearless Destiny  alas they are only available in e copies directly from Amazon but  print copies are not available on Amazon except through a third party seller at various prices.

My publisher has confirmed I will receive royalties from the book I purchased. I’m glad. I was concerned that I actually had purchased a second hand book by error.

Print copies are available at Barnes and Noble:

Moving On

Fearless Destiny

And Chapters/Indigo.

Fearless Destiny

Moving On

I have ordered new copies from Soul Mate publishing of Woman of Substance. You can order a corrected print copy from me, if you like, in about two weeks.

Please check out my home page for more places to purchase my print books.

Surprise, Surprise, Woman of Substance has a new review

Woman of Substance

Woman of Substance

Checking out the status of my books on Amazon is like googling myself. But it is a way to know if certain marketing strategies or working. Today I noticed that a new review was posted by a reader, Penny. I don’t know who Penny is but I am thrilled that a reader took the time to log into Amazon and post her/his thoughts.
The thing with Amazon is that you do not have to have an identity that can be associated back to you. It is between you and Amazon.

So thank you to all of the reviewers of Woman of Substance: Especially Penny, today because you made my day.

Moving On, A Prairie Romance has reviews as well that help readers choose a book right for them.

A sweet beach read.

A sweet beach read.

Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26 Woman of Substance is a free download

We're at a party!

We’re at a party!

All you have to do is go to Amazon. and purchase it for $0.00.

Of course you have to have an account but you can download it to a Kindle reader or any device with a Kindle app. This can be a computer, I phone, I pad, I pad or an android tablet. You just need a Kindle app. Amazon has FAQ which walk you through the process.

The offer for a free download by Amazon allows an audience to find new authors.
And if you like your free Woman of Substance then don’t forget to try: Moving On, A Prairie Romance.

Take a canoe ride on Last Mountain Lake with Anna and Nick.

Take a canoe ride on Last Mountain Lake with Anna and Nick.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Woman of Substance is the loss leader and you don’t even need a coupon.