Time and fruit flies fly

Hello from the Saskatchewan Prairie during our autumn.

I have fruit flies in my house for the first time in my memory. But then again, during this pandemic, memory is shifty.

I Googled fruit flies and assumed they arrived on my overripe bananas. So I ate the bananas. But alas, the flies live.

This situation demands more research.

Fruit flies cannot resist rotting fruit or apple cider vinegar. However, a drop of dish soap will stop them from leaving.

Now and again, I check my trap. Then, finally, I rejoice at one body settled on the bottom of the open container.

Another suggestion is a container with fruit flies’ other addiction, rotting fruit, and apple cider vinegar covered with plastic wrap with holes poked into it.

Periodically, I lift the hole-poked plastic-wrapped container with the pear core submerged in the apple cider vinegar and wonder that more flies have not found their way to this delicacy. Or have they discovered the way in and the way out?

That is the question for my day.


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