This morning while I listened to the radio in bed I scanned my FB page, I read a heartening message.


Picture in your mind, if you can, the buzz of excited writers echoing in a lobby and carrying over into a sitting area and tall stools around a few tall tables. Excited voices ringing. It is a break from many workshops at the RWA 2017 conference. I’m with another Soul Mate author and two authors I’ve just met. Of course we are all checking our social media.

I see an email from my editor and publisher. I’m excited because I submitted my first three chapters of my fourth novel along with my synopsis.

Me: “Wait, I think I just have an acceptance for my new novel.” I quickly scan the email and it is not an acceptance. It isn’t quite a total rejection but . . . I am devastated and embarrassed.

Me to expectant faces: “No, it isn’t an acceptance, it isn’t a total rejection, she will consider a resubmission. She likes the premise.”

They stare down into their drinks. I put on a strong face. I continue through the conference. I see the Soul Mate author who was there when I blurted out my news, I meet up with the two new friends. I cry in my room. I blubber to my husband. I cry in a workshop when we are paired up and have to describe an embarrassing moment in our lives.

I come home and look at the manuscript occasionally.  I’m paralyzed. Do I want to revisit this manuscript? Almost a month has passed. I should be looking forward to rewrites.

This morning a friend on Facebook shared this link:

The Book He Wasn’t Supposed to Write

A best-selling author submits a draft to his editor. Hijinks ensue.

This is a writer’s response to his editor’s rejection. Please take time to read this article if you have received your rejection, if you are stuck, or if you are a reader wondering when the author’s next book will be published.

It’s time for me to look at my manuscript and rewrite and let the embarrassment go.

Wish me luck.

It isn’t luck, it is determination to tell the best story I can

But I’ll take a little luck along with BICFOKB (Bum in chair and fingers on keyboard)


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