Suddenly I thought of another layer for my novel Moving On

Many surprises

Many surprises










I’ve been adding posts to the party site at TRS St. Patrick’s Day party. So needless to say, I’ve been thinking about Moving On and how I could make a post interesting.

Today I thought about Anna. While she grieved for Murray her fiancé she began to build miniature houses. Then she moved to a small town from a large city. She was closing in on herself.

While Nick had left the small town and joined the Canadian army because he thought big and saw a very large picture and parts of the world. Yes, he left a part of himself in Afghanistan and he came home to heal but he didn’t give up searching for the big in his world.

He recognized Anna’s sorrow because he had witnessed it while he protected and served.

Nick edged Anna into thinking big again.

My wish to you dear readers is that you have someone who will pull you along into big when you are closing in on yourself.

And the second part of the wish is that you pull someone else along to big when they need you.

Here is my picture of big courtesy of istock photo.








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