It is official, Moving On, A Prairie Romance is re-released by Soul Mate Publishing

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

Cover for the re-release of Moving On, A Prairie Romance

On September 29, 2014 Moving On went live on for three months and then it will be available on Kobo and Barns and Noble. And then six months after that, a print book will be available.

What has changed since Moving On was published in 2011? The story is basically the same. Different editors request different consistencies in the writing. In the first book, I shifted points of views between the characters and may have caused confusion for the reader. My editor, Char Chaffin assisted me in staying in one character’s view point for longer periods of time.

There is a slightly different ending, but in the main it is a sweet contemporary romance novel between two people who suffer loss.

Anna Jenkins’ dream of the future she would have had is destroyed when her fiancĂ© was buried on their wedding day. As an heir to a cottage at Regina Beach, she believes that here is where pity will no longer find her.
The small town residents of this resort town want to know why this woman has arrived when she doesn’t have any family connection. Anna isn’t telling them. She wants a fresh start away from sorrow.
Nick Donnelly came back to his home town to recuperate after losing his left lower leg to an IED during the Afghanistan war. He uses his experience to help out the town while he is home.

Nick and Anna know there is a connection because of their loss, however they are trying to move toward a different future. Nick shares the good things about the town with Anna and they become friends. Nick begins to dream of a possible life away from the army, something he would not have considered before meeting Anna.

Anna learns that life does go on and she begins to grow again in her new community. When she discovers that Nick plans to return to active duty, she withdraws into a shelter. How can she risk loving someone who could be killed on the job again? She can never go through that kind of pain and survive.

Nick and Anna must find a way toward a future together where they can both realize their potential and love.

For my friends and fans who read Moving On, A Praire Romance the first time around, I thank you. For new friends and fans who would like to experience a sweet romance, set in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan, join Anna and Nick on their journey away from loss toward love.

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