A reader sent me a note.

Allison in Calgary reading WofS

In our conversation through messaging, she sent me this note, I thanked Alison for her comments and asked her permission to share them.
August 7, 2013
“Hi, Annette …. I’ve been reading Woman of Substance in bits of time here and there, and just finished this afternoon. What a lovely story! I totally admire all the ways you illustrate what love is truly about. Brava!!!!!
You are more than welcome, Annette!! You really got to the heart of love and its myriad ways of expression. I so appreciate the quieter, telling moments in addition to the tension that of course builds up in the genre. And yes, certainly you may use my comments! I’d be honoured.
Alison Lohans

Is there much more an author can ask for? I think not.

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