My friend Brenda Schmidt

GRID by Brenda Schmidt

You'll pick it up and read it and think about the images that are familiar.

You’ll pick it up and read it and think about the images that are familiar.

I have a friend and she is a poet, painter, nature lover, birdwatcher. We met at writing events through the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild and spent time together at St. Peter’s Severin Hall in Muenster, Saskatchewan at Saskatchewan Writers and Artists Retreats.

This is part of one of her poems which is perfect for this April, 2013 when we are still coping with the casualties of snow in Saskatchewan.


Dying for an end to this
howling wind, zero visibility.

Where the earth and sky might meet
it’s white as toilet paper,

the horizon wiped out.
We’re not going anywhere.

Check road conditions, road
closures, listen to the news.
. . .

For the rest of this wonderful poem to which we can relate on the many levels of the language of poetry you will have to purchase, borrow or perhaps check out her blog at:
Email her from her blog, she may just provide you with the ending.

Brenda’s book, Grid is short listed for a Saskatchewan Book Award in poetry. The awards are on April 27, 2013. There are tickets available.

I’ll be there.

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