Drop in at Chapters, Regina on Feb. 11, 2017 and say “hello.”

I’m looking forward to having copies of Fearless Destiny for sale at Chapters and Woman of Substance and Moving On, too.

Chapters/Indigo was considerate to offer me the opportunity to sign close to Valentine’s Day. I look forward to seeing many friends and new customers during this time.

Wishing all of you moments of togetherness during this month of

I’m at a virtual party all weekend

It’s a Party and you’re all welcome


One well placed ‘No’ changed Tiffany’s life. When Will is in her life she finds a way.

Fearless Destiny is all dressed up and tempting readers with pictures and tidbits of information.

A New Year calls for a new life

Don’t drive by stalled cars on the highway. You never know who needs you.

“Tiff, did you see the demonstration against the mine and the boom?”

Women with substance discussed Woman of Substance

Woman of Substance appeared in all her glory projecting her trailer for all to see.

Woman of Substance by me, Annette Bower and not Barbara Taylor Bradford


Moving On hasn’t shown up yet. She’s waiting for tomorrow and she’ll be there in all of her glory.

Time for this writer to slip under the covers.

Good morning, here is the link to my post this morning. I learned that food doesn’t play as big a role in my novels as it does for some authors who love sharing recipes.

What do we serve for snacks during the morning of a party?

And why do you write sweet, dear Annette?

I love this book trailer for my novel Moving On

The cover for Fearless Destiny is designed to invite you on a road trip

When your parents tell you they’ve finished your book.

We came and now it is time to leave. Thank you all for joining us at this New Year’s party.

Where has the time gone?

The summer has come and gone and today is the first day of fall. I just heard that this is the time when we will have twelve hours of sunlight and twelve hours of darkness. I do enjoy this time of year because I get to see the sunrise. I miss many summer sunrises.

My work in progress, working title, Will’s Intentions is at the publishers as of August 7, 2015 with a release date of April, 2016.

So I took a break, I caught up on family and read.

Lady Shadow by Abrielle S. Fuerst kept me engaged for many nights with her fantasy of seven kingdoms and fantastic female super heroes.

Time and Forever by Susan B. James accompanied me on my walks and reminded me of a time when I was young too. As well as the often asked question about roads not taken in life.

Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray also accompanied me on my walks and drives. Yes, I do love audio books.

A road trip told me all about Candice Bergen through her autobiography A Fine Romance.

My to be read file diminished with the completion of a fast paced romance novel about the consequences of one little omitted detail, in Perfectly Honest by Linda O’Connor.

I read The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep by Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin and almost fell asleep myself.

Went to movies and attended events. Had a book signing at Chapters and discovered all of my copies of Moving On and Woman of Substance had been sold at Regina Beach Home Hardware and The Painted Parasol in Lumsden.

And now I’m reading Everyman by Philip Roth. I’m bending every corner so I recall the beauty of language and thought, because this is a print copy. When I’m reading electronically, I highlight and make a note. I enjoy e-reading and I have downloaded many books.

Had a wonderful reunion with my classmates who graduated with me from the Regina Grey Nuns’ School of Nursing, many years ago.

I walked around Wascana Lake many times and gained so many badges on my Fitbit.

Right now, Moving On is competing for The Readers’ Choice Award through The Romance Reviews. I’m asking friends, family and fans to vote, so that Moving On will qualify for the second round. Not sure what that will be yet, but it will be exciting I’m sure.

So that’s all for now. I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for fall.

On a trip to North Dakota

Woman of Substance is available

Woman of Substance is available

As a Canadian, we celebrated our long weekend, on May 17, 2015 with a trip to Minot, N.D. My friend Leeann Minogue told me about an independent book store in Minot. Since we had just celebrated Canadian Independent Bookstore day, I thought I’d see if Val Stadick, the owner of Main Street Books , would accept copies of Woman of Substance on consignment.

Val agreed readily. Print copies are now available to friends and friends of friends in and around Minot, ND

Please drop in and see Val and her staff. She has a large selection of new and used books and educational toys.

What has this walking writer been up to while she is polishing her novel?

May 2, 2015

May 2, 2015

May 14, 2015

TORONTO, May 14, 2015: The inaugural Canadian Authors for Indies Day, held May 2, 2015, was hugely successful for independent booksellers across Canada. Nearly 700 authors visited over 120 independent bookstores to celebrate the vital role of independent booksellers in both the Canadian book industry and in the lives of readers.”

Nine authors read from their books at SK Books & Collectibles Inc, 919 C Albert St. Regina, SK.

There was a lot of buzz in the store as it was also the grand opening.

Reading from Woman of Substance

Reading from Woman of Substance availab

May 7, 2015

My novel in progress Designed for Love has an element of the effects on a small community when an industry arrives. I selected to write about the potash industry. Saskatchewan is home to one of the largest deposits of potash in the world. Grant Shaver, Senior Process Engineer at Mosiac Potash Belle Paine, the largest solution mine in the world, gave me a slide presentation and a tour of the facility. I had an opportunity to speak with the employees. When I told them I was a romance writer, they smiled and said, “potash and romance.”

I was so pleased to tour the production facility of this valuable resource in my own province. I’m proud of being part of a province that provides a product to help produce food and many other products all over the world.

All visitors must be in protective gear, which includes a hard hat, googles, ear plugs, the safety coveralls and safety boots.

All visitors must be in protective gear, which includes a hard hat, googles, ear plugs, the safety coveralls and safety boots.

May 9, 2015

It was a cool day

It was a cool day

Even though this year was my fastest 5 km walk in the Royal Road Race, I did come in last in my age group. I have been walking and also going to the Walking Endurance Class, therefore, I’m staying strong.






May 10, 2015 Mother’s Day and my first bike ride of the year.

Riding round Wascana Lake

Riding round Wascana Lake

The walking continues around the lake. Spring has arrived in Regina, SK.



Designed for Love continues to be revised and copy edited in between all of the fun of life.